Guide in buying the best Motocross and Dirt Bike Gear Bag

Dirt bike riding is a great sport. Although it is not one that everyone will love to take part in, most people with a lot of love for adventure will love it. Motocross and dirt bike riding might be attractive. It, however, is not a sport that can be called cheap. You will need to spend some money on getting a bike. After getting a bike, you will also need to get much-needed gears. This might seem like all. However, there is more. You will need a dirt bike gear bag for moving your dirt bike gears around.

Will you be buying a dirt bike gear bag anytime soon? You will need to know the best motocross and dirt bike gear bag. This will help you make the right choice even if you are doing so for the first time.

Fly Racing Tour Roller

This motocross & dirt bike gear bag is not associated with any complexities. It has a design that helps it last for a long time.  Its case is made from PVC. It also has rollerblade wheels and a telescopic handle. 

The Fly racing tour roller possesses many vent grommets. These vents are positioned at the top. They give room for your wet gear to come in contact with air and get dry easily. Furthermore, it has a fitted mud mat that can be easily accessed from the bag’s side.

There is more, this bag’s interior is divided into two parts. Due to the existence of two compartments, you can store boots and helmets separately. It also has four top pockets that are completely zippered and fleece-lined. You, therefore, can be sure your accessories are protected.

Fox Podium 180 Motocross Gear Bag

This dirt bike gear bag is made by a reputable firm in the clothing and accessories industry. It is a gear bag that is known to offer value for money. It features one big compartment and two other compartments for boots and helmet. All these are in addition to a completely zippered side pocket that is quite sizeable.

When moving around with this dirt bike gear, you do not have to deal with any discomfort as it features a padded shoulder strap. This is in addition to a 600D main shell made from polyester. When buying this bag, you can either decide to buy it in black or in camo. Whatever color you buy, you can be sure that it will blend properly with any environment you find yourself.

AlpineStars Komodo

This dirt bike gear bag is versatile and very durable. It features lots of carrying alternatives and large storage capacity. Although this bag cannot be called the cheapest of all quality dirt bike gear bags, it is a bag you can trust to offer you value for whatever amount you spend in purchasing it.

This bag comes with lots of compartments which ensure proper ventilation of its contents. When your boot is stored in this bag, you do not have to worry about it getting soaked in water as this compartment features a waterproof removable bag that can be taken out and cleaned very easily.

AlpineStars Komodo has a shell that is made from waterproof tarpaulin together with reinforced polyester panels. This helps ensure the contents of the bag stay dry always. That’s not all.  It also has a set of smooth outdoor wheels. All these are in addition to its telescopic double-post handle.

Thor Circuit Gear Bag

The name of this bag is an indication of how sturdy it is. It is known for its high quality and also offers its buyers a lot of value for money. This dike bike gear bag comes with lots of features that make it different from a lot of other dirt bike gear bags in its price range.

Featured by this bag’s large main compartment is TPR ventilation. This ventilation is positioned on the two sides of the bag. This way, they’re able to play a major role in keeping the content of the bag fresh and dry. Furthermore, there are lots of storage alternatives that are zippered. Of these compartments, the compartment made for the helmet, as well as goggles is lined with microfleece. That’s not all. The pocket made for storing boots is backed with PU. This makes it last longer and also ensures easy cleaning.

Shift Roller MX Gear Bag

This dirt bike gear bag is very versatile. It has the appearance of a holdall. Nonetheless, it does not roll like one. This bag comes with a large main compartment that has ample room for every kit you want to store. Furthermore, it was designed in a way you can keep your boots standing straight. This way, it is able to store a lot without using up a lot of space.

With this bag, you can always have access to small essentials whenever you need them as they can be stored in zippered compartments that are located externally. Furthermore, it has an internal attachment system that makes room for customizing your storage in whatever way you want to.

Klim Kodiak Motocross Gear Bag

With a sturdy structure and a design that properly distributes weight, Klim Kodiak motocross gear bag is one that offers independent storage compartments for boots, helmets, and goggles. These are in addition to lots of small pockets and a huge main compartment.

The boot compartment of this bag features a semi-rigid liner bag that that is removable. This ensures it is easy to clean up. This bag comes with wheels that help with very easy mobility and a sturdy handle. You can, therefore, move around without being scared of anything getting spoilt.

The Klim kodiak motocross gear bag offers its users a lot of value. Furthermore, once bought, you will not have to buy another soon as it is very durable.

Fly Racing OGIO 9800

Fly Racing OGIO 9800 is a high-end dirt bike gear bag. It comes with a big main compartment, lots of external pockets, and mesh pockets that are positioned internally. It comes with roller wheels that are both heavy-duty and oversized. These wheels play a major role in providing good ground clearance. 

In the main compartment of this bag are oversized dividers. You can make use of these dividers in a way that suits your kits. Your kits will also stay protected because of the foam panel construction in the main compartment.

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