Get Lightning Mcqueen as he strikes back for another race at Toy Kingdom!

Lightning Mcqueen has been my youngest son favorite car among all his car collection or should I just say he loves Cars movie and hoarded all the character when Toy Kingdom first launch the toy in the country.

Mcqueen strikes again with his strongest and weakest element, from being blinded by the new generation of race cars from going to his own success. Mcqueen will be coming back this August as he presents another extraordinary movie from Disney Pixar.

Photos from the event

Mcqueen and the team is eager to get back on track with his unconventional race technician, Cruz Ramirez. Mcqueen is definitely unstoppable and ready to compete with the fastest, sleekest and frontrunner of the next generation racers, Jackson Storm.

There are a lot of new characters on the new movie, Cars 3 and definitely our kids will love to have these characters to play with. Thanks to Toy Kingdom and Walt Disney Philippines as they bring us the toys from Disney Cars 3. Let our little love ones get their little hands on the upgraded version of Cars 3 characters, plus, the newest member Jackson Storm and Cruz Ramirez in die-cast vehicles, character cars, remote control cars and play set and this is available since June 1 at all Toy Kingdom Stores nationwide.

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