How to Get the Best Wedding Caterer in Town

If there’s one thing that’s extremely critical in planning a wedding, that would be hiring the best wedding food catering in town. Well, it should be – as food and beverages play a huge role in the reception, and your budget. Their service could either make or break your D day if you chose the wrong caterer.

So, how do you hire one that fits? Scan through these tips and you’ll surely get one of the best caterers in town!

Consider your budget.

Before you list down potential catering services that you opt to hire, let’s talk about your budget first. How much are you willing to spend, exactly?

Being able to determine your budget will help you choose amongst caterers who you can afford to hire efficiently. Moreover, caterers will also have an idea as to how they can settle with you. Perhaps a wedding catering package proposal that will both fit your needs and budget; it can either be family-style, seated, or buffet.

Inquire for suggestions and requirements from your booked venue.

Some venues are in partnership with good wedding food catering services. This happens when they have worked with previous clients and have dealt with no constraints or any issues that could result to bad records. With that, you are assured that you can trust their list of partners and opt for one.

However, if you’re not comfortable with their choice, you can always look for other caterers. In doing so, remember to ask your venue for requirements that they ask from caterers. Some may require legal license or certification about the service being performed in the location, while some may require caterers to provide the tables, chairs, dinnerware, and linens.

Do not settle for a few proposals.

Like any other hiring process, it’s important that you get multiple proposals as you can. Remember not to settle with a few, as you may miss better options if you do. Always compare and contrast the package being offered, the cost, and the means of service.

More than that, inquire further as to how many appetizers, dishes, waiters, bartenders, chefs, and coordinators are included in the service. This is important when you compare the offers you get from your potential caterers.

Furthermore, always make sure that you have enough information as to how they work with alcohol. This will help you better decide as to whether you’ll include them in the service, or get them separately from a better supplier.

Observe how they communicate with clients.

While securing the food and beverage is your most priority, it’s also significant to observe how these caterers work with their clients. If they’re slow in feedback, gets numbers wrong in their proposals, or are inefficient in responding to your questions, take them off your list.

Good caterers always have an eye for detail.


Be keen on arranging tastings with your best 3.

Alright, now you’re settled with your best 3 caterers – it’s time for arranging tastings with their menus. While this may get tricky, you have to remember not to sign contracts even before you get a taste of their food!

You can always choose to attend expos, dinners, or special events where they serve food. They often do those to promote their business so, it’s fine. You only need to check on their schedule to see what particular event you can attend.

However, if it happens that there’s none, perhaps you can settle with a proposal for a mini tasting that does not cost much. If that does not work for them, include a clause in the contract that would void the agreement if the tasting does not meet your standards. Also, make sure to schedule it early to avoid conflicts before your wedding.


Key Takeaway

In choosing a good wedding food catering, it’s important that you do not focus only on the menu being offered – but also consider your budget, their means of service, and the specifics that are included in the proposal. This will help you better decide as to who you are going to hire without having regrets in your big day. Plus, doing so could help you enjoy your wedding without having to concern yourself with their service!


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