Forget Cramming: Manage Your Time Like a Pro

Have you ever wondered why you cram? Truly, there are a lot of time management tips for students like you that you’d read on books or over the web. However, given the situation that you’ve read them all but nothing works out – maybe you’re lacking something. As you’d know among other things, “Time is gold,” – and as old as this may sound, the significance of this proverb is undeniable and timeless.

But how do you abide with this proverb?

The answer: Forget cramming. Learn to manage your time like a pro with these useful and effective tips!


Get some sleep – at least 7-8 hours.

The common misconception on productivity is sacrificing one’s sleep. Because no, extending more time for your school works and reducing the number of hours for your sleep would not get you through the day. Instead, it will leave you in pure distraction especially when your body starts screaming for rest. Listen to your body and make some time for sleep, this will help you get through the day.


Plan them out!

One of the few yet also the most important thing in time management one misses is planning. Planning helps in putting things in order, from the biggest to the smallest task, and separating what’s important and what’s urgent. Also, creating a plan helps you figure out what works out for you, because if it does not, you can always revise your plan until you find what does. This practice is most significant for those who have changing schedules and projects.

Get rid of [probable] distractions and temptations.

Yes, that’s one factor. You need to get rid not only of your gadgets, specifically the phone and the iPad, and the TV remote, but also your messy table. If you haven’t noticed, those clutter of papers and mini clips may have been distracting you and slowing you down. Make time for cleaning them up and organizing your table – that could definitely help you out especially when you’re trying to find that one piece of note where you’ve jotted down important notes. Yes, indeed.

Give yourself some quick breaks.

Working, rather, wearing yourself out through the whole course won’t benefit you in any way. Hence, take some quick breaks, and allow yourself to get some fresh air. Take a walk or eat some sweets at the kitchen – make time for refreshers.


Break down your projects.

Similar to writing, you can break down your project especially when it’s too complex to be taken down in one shot. By simply breaking it down into chunks, you’ll be able to see and of course prioritize the most important aspects of your project. Then easily work your way into the easier parts later on.

Spend your weekends wisely.

Why do people get tired quickly? Because they tire themselves in each and every day of the week. Learn to do at least less on the weekends, and spend these days to rest and relax. It’ll help!

Key Takeaway

Given these tips, it’s important to note that to be able to manage your time efficiently – avoid distractions, a messy schedule, and of course, wearing out yourself – that would never help.


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