Why forbidden love affects the children than the wife

When a woman or a man decided to enter a relationship which is forbidden, most of the time the children are the one suffering from it. And it is really a grave offense not because you are ruining a child’s life, but you are making them think that entering such a relationship is okay and it’s not a bad thing to do.

Children are 100% defenseless to circumstances like this if you take away their father or mother you are leaving a big hole in their life and no one can ever patch up that hole in their heart. They may even grow up thinking that it is okay to cheat, that cheating is really part of our everyday life. They will think if they wanted something they can get it in an instant.

Children are very vulnerable and when they know that their family is going through something, specially cheating issues, children can feel that one of their parents betrayed them. They will have this feeling for a long time and most of the time it never really heals. Children will also grow up with abandonment issues and will tend to distrust everyone in the family including themselves. They will think that their love for their parents is not enough to suffice that parent.

The damage of the forbidden love will never leave the child. It will hunt them until they are grown up and most of the time these children will not believe in LOVE anymore. Their hearts will be full of hatred and distrust to the parent who choses the wrong path and everything will never be the same again.

That’s why when you enter in a forbidden love you should ask yourself over and over again if you wanted the child of the man ir woman you love to hate his father/mother, always ask yourself if this love will not hurt a defenseless child and ask yourself are you the kind of person who thinks themselves first before the welfare of a child who will never look their father/mother the same again.


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