Firefly Roofdeck’s Grand Banchetto

We have featured before the Mongolian buffet feast of Firefly Roofdeck and now they have something new to offer hotel guest and outsiders as they have launched their very own street food haven, they called it the Grand Banchetto.

Here are some photos of the street foods they are offering and what we think about their Grand Banchetto offering.


this was the one, that was served to us.

Street food is never complete without the isaw (variations of pork’s ear, chicken gizzard, pork or chicken intestine and chicken feet) I wish they have dugo (pig’s blood). They set of isaw and bbq that was served to us was a bit not too enticing for me, since it does not have crunch of the normal isaw we usually ate on the side street. Isaw is best served with a spicy vinegar mixed with calamansi, onions and garlic, sometimes some put a little sugar to lessen the sourness of the vinegar and that’s what I think happened in their vinegar, the sourness was too intense you opt not to dip your isaw.

Price Range: P50-P295 depending on what part you wanted
Rate: 3/5


Here are another round of street feed we usually crave for, siomai on stick, kwek-kwek and tokneneng, squid balls, kikiam, hotdog, corn, dynamite, Tokwa’t Baboy and Sinugbang Baboy.

Price Range: P50-P250
Rate: 4/5



They are also serving balut, I haven’t tried their balut, but they give a little twist on it and make it a gourmet.

Price: P50


They also have the Filipino’s most love afternoon snack, turon, banana cue and camote cue. They also have bibingka and putobumbong. I tasted all of them, but I have a hard time eating the turon, since the caramelized sugar was so generous it was really hard to munch since it was too thick.

Price Range: P80-P85
Rate: 3/5

They also have sharwa and takoyaki. I haven’t tasted the sharwa, but I find the pita bread too thick. Their takoyaki lacks sauce and other toppings that we usually see in malls and side streets.

Price Range: P150-P250
Rate: 3/5


They also have refreshments; Sago’t Gulaman and Fruit Salad. I super love their sago as it’s not too sweet and the tapioca is cooked to perfection.

Price: P30
Rate: 4/5

Overall, we did had fun taking photos and tasting the food, but sometimes street food is still best eaten on the streets, but if you have a sensitive stomach like me, you’ll love to munch uncontrollably just to have a taste of a much cleaner food that passed the HACCP accreditation + an ambiance over looking Makati’s skyline. By the way, the prices posted is from their menu, but they have an unlimited street food for P490 net only! Enjoy it starting 6pm until 12mn.


Budget: PHP490 net

Food            7/10
Ambiance  9/10
Service        9/10
Cost             7/10

Firefly Roofdeck is located at the 32nd Floor of City Garden Grand Hotel. For inquiries and reservations, please feel free to contact Firefly Roofdeck at (+632) 554-3429.

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