Finding the right TV for our little gamer

My youngest son has been an avid PS (Playstation) gamer and to make it more dramatic we opt in giving him the best TV set to partner with his console. TV is a great investment for my little gamer as he always use it and there are a lot of available in the market today and a lot of brands are offering that they are the best choice.

So my family and I did a little researching on the best TV and we have reach something very alarming and make all of us shocked about it.

According to a reviewer who does not use review unit when testing a product, which is very impressive because they will buy the models that they test and this what they have to say to Samsung’s KS8000,

“The Samsung KS8000 is the predecessor to this year’s Q7F. Surprisingly, it performs better than the new QLED TV in a lot of tests. Both contrast and peak brightness measure well above what the Q7F was able to output, especially in SDR. The Q7 does do better with color volume, and this does help with HDR content. However, it is impossible to justify the expense of the QLED TV over the previous model.” 

If you’ll look back Samsung KS8000 is from last year, 2016 and how come Samsung’s quality regressing overtime?

Check out the side-by-side: of the Samsung KS8000 and Samsung Q7F—and see for yourself!

I also found something else that basically says that Samsung Q7F is overpriced compared to many other TVs with the same or even better quality! (

We were so shocked about the following information that searched and it made us think that why Samsung would do that to all of their customer, we’ve been using their brand for awhile now and planing to buy a new one with the same brand, but I think we need to think about it again.

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