Finally, an effective herbal remedy for osteoarthritis

Arthrite_Finally an effective herbal

Here’s the painful truth — we’re all at risk of suffering from joint pains due to osteoarthritis, a debilitating disease that occurs when the protective cartilage of the ends of bones wears thin as we age. Getting proper relief from this painful disease is often a complicated issue because people in their golden years often also have to deal with other health complications.

Mother Nature has its ways of healing us. What seemed to be a source of relentless pain can now be remedied by Arthrite, a breakthrough phyto-medicine consisting of 14 herbal components that work synergistically to reduce pain caused by osteoarthritis. Arthrite also has the added benefit of reducing joint inflammation and improving joint mobility. Arthrite is the first traditional herbal medicine approved by the Philippine Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for joint pain.

Arthrite_Finally an effective herbal

A clinical study published in the Indian Journal of Clinical Practice in 2010, showed Arthrite to have significant reduction in pain associated with osteoarthritis, such as, pain while walking (71% pain reduction), pain during squatting (63.2% pain reduction), pain while sitting cross legged (66.1% pain reduction) and pain while climbing (42.1% pain reduction). Arthrite restores the normal day-to-day activities and improves the quality of life of people suffering from osteoarthritis.

In the same clinical study, patients taking Arthrite reduced their use of Diclofenac by 57%. With all the harm caused by long-term usage of NSAIDs (gastrointestinal bleeding, ulcers, bloating, heart problems, and sometimes kidney and liver failure) for osteoarthritis, people can now turn to Arthrite – a proven safe and effective herbal medication.

What differentiates Arthrite from other osteoarthritis medications is that Arthrite does not only aid in pain management and relieving inflammation but also prevents degeneration of cartilage. Arthrite does this in shorter timeframe than other non-synthetic drugs with lesser dosage requirements. A minimum period of four to 12 weeks is recommended with a daily dosage of two soft gel capsules each day for Arthrite’s onset of action to reach its peak level of providing relief.


One of the key aspects of Arthrite poly-herbal formulation is its safety and efficacy for long-term use. A combination of both moderate to mild-acting herbs gives Arthrite potency with no toxicity. This was proven not just by years of traditional use but by modern scientific methods, hence, the FDA classification of traditional herbal medicine with therapeutic claims. One of its most active ingredients is Commiphora mukul which is responsible for its anti – inflammatory action. Pain management is achieved because of Vitex negundo and Trigonella foecumgraecum. With long – term usage, cartilage support is achieved because of Withania somnifera.

An amalgam of medical science and tradition, Arthrite provides a holistic approach in treating osteoarthritis, giving more reasons for people in their golden years to experience joy in life.

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