Fighting back sometimes is the best options for the Wife

I read an article at titled: Cyberbullied by a scorned mistress: A wife fights back and I think I can super relate to this. I was cyberbullied, text and call bullied, email bullied and even on my blog I was bullied. The space I have my my fellow bag lovers and readers. I just can’t contain how annoyed and angry I am, I just wanted this to stop!

I was asking my husband to confront her with all the antics she’s doing so as her friends to me and my youngest son, but she’s very good on how to maintain her “mabait” image in their office. I remember before, their boss asked me for a meeting and my previous agency handed me a Cease and Desist Letter, but to my dismay, their boss didn’t even bother reading it and told me that if she signed that paper it is as if she’s guilty of committing cyberbullying.

Anyway, it was not a success like the story of the wife in Rappler’s article, but I hope this bullying stops because I can’t really control emotions and the urge to really fight back and just punch her and her friends in the face! (Just kidding!)

By the way I tried the Trace Email Address and it worked! I find her IP address before and have all information needed if ever we needed crucial information of who’s the email sender. So as the IP address of the anonymous commenter on my blog and it seems it’s pinging in this area and near by Gateway and San Juan:


I’ll rest my case here for now, I think I need to be a superhero in order to give justice to what this woman has done to me and my family.

*header photo not mine.

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