Feet that fits this summer with ELRO’s new summer specials

Summer is indeed her and the scorching heat makes us feel that we want to go to the beach. But most of the time, we want to do our OOTD’s to make our summer memorable and fashionable. The best partner for your OOTD and SOTD (shoe/sandals of the day) is ELRO’s  new summer collection.

Here’s ELRO’s summer special:

Ipanema Summer Pastel Collection called the Class Fem, this collection have four different colors that fits your summer OOTD. Colours are  pink, blue and green which fits the neutral look that fits your summer OOTD. But it also comes with black for a much chic and classy summer OOTD. Class Fem is priced to at P1,295 and available in selected Ipanema and Bambu stores nationwide and it’s also available in SM Department store, shoe salon and Landmark Department stores.



Here’s another cute and neutral sandals for your summer getaway, Ipanema’s Classic Pop Fem. It will surely impress one’s individuality, freedom and liberation. This a perfect for those who wants to relax and unwind this summer. This Ipanema’s classic pop fem is priced at P1295.


If you’re into sneakers this summer there’s Gola’s newest pastel collection called Wasp. This sneaker will surely fits your style and it also give comfort to your feet. Wasp is priced at P3,295.



If you want a more sophisticated, but a lighter style this summer Grendha is the right choice. Grendha Is Raizes is priced at P1,095 and Grendha Exclusive Sand AD is priced at P1,495. You can also amp your summer style with Grendha’s IS Natural Sand AD and priced at P1,695.



If you are into hippy and boho style Zaxy Glass Sand AD is the best fit for you. It’s a nude strappy sandals which is very stylish and will surely fit your boho look. It’s priced at P1,295. Zaxy also have another collection, the Zaxy Vibe I Sand and prices at P1,595. This sandals will surely makes you feel the ultimate comfort this summer.

Zaxy Vibe I Sand


Check their website for more info!


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