I feel a bit orange-gy today!

Everyday we all have different emotions and sometimes we used our clothing and match the color of our dress to the current emotions we are feeling at that moment.

I always love playing with colors even if I have dark complexion, I don’t just go for whites or black on the dresses I use, because whenever I am at home I usually wear white or black, that’s why I’ll go bolder whenever I have time to go out.

Today I feel like I am little upbeat and playful, that’s why I am wearing something orange-gy or peach-y. I did a little research on what this color means: Energetic, festive or loud for a much lighter one its: nurturing, soft and upscale. Which I think I have all the qualities, I am weird, excited and playful and also soft and nurturing on the side. I can be an orange or peach-y even if black or gloomy colors surrounds my life these past few days, but no one can take that sunshiny colors from me!

How about you what’s your hue today?

By the way join us on the celebration of World Egg Day at the Mall Atrium, Eastwood on October 12, 2017 (Thursday)

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