Fascinating Myths about the Sun


Technologies related to the use of solar energy in the Philippines has been popular for quite a time already due to the convenience of using it and how much anyone can save from spending on electricity. There had been circulating myths regarding the sun by coming up with certain stories and beliefs that relate to the sun. Indicated here are some of the popular sun myths from around the world.


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Norse Sun God

Freyr was a powerful being from the Norse mythology is known as the leader of sunshine, fertility, rain, and peace. It was believed that he had a trusted friend, a boar named Gullinburtsi who accompanies him in his travels all over different oceans and skies. Skiobloanir, is his personal ship where he could just use once he wanted to do something else, it was the best ship in Scandinavia and it was even ‘portable’ because he could just hide it in his pocket and use it whenever he wanted to.


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This name is extremely popular because a lot of companies, organizations, or businesses have used Apollo. Apollo is from the Greek mythology where he represented the Sun, reason, and logic, his father was Zeus while his mother was Leto and was the twin brother of Artemis, a goddess. He was born in an island named Delos where Apollo eventually turned it into a beautiful island once he grew up. The Romans even believed that the god of light, healing, and music was Apollo.

Gott Re

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Egypt’s Ra

Ra symbolized a creator god that used a ship as his mode of transportation rather than a usual option to ride a chariot. The name was lent to Egyptian kings and not only in the Heliopolis in Egypt. There were a couple of different beliefs regarding the life of Ra, such as riding across the sky, being reborn every new day, and traveling to the underworld as well.


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Huitzilopochtli came from two different names from the Aztecan language: huitzilin which meant hummingbird and opochtli meaning left, thus, its literal translation as “Hummingbird of the Left.” He was referred to as a hummingbird due to his blue-green colored armor and helmet that represented or was similar to the bird. The Aztects also had another belief that dead warriors become reincarnated and become hummingbirds, and then they called it the south the left side of the world, so they came up with a second meaning of the name “Resuscitated Warroior of the South.” He fought against the darkness.


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The 10 Suns

The Chinese had a sun mythology as well, believing they once had 10 suns in the sky. The suns were said to travel with Xibe, their mother who was a goddess but one day each sun suddenly appeared in the sku. Dijun was distracted or bothered with the overwhelming power these suns caused and commanded them to behave, but he then eventually sent an archer named Yi to shoot the suns away, killing the 9 and then only left one sun alone.


These are just some of the many mythical origin stories from the sun, interesting right? It is certainly amusing how solar energy in the Philippines is widely used all over the nation. Through this, numerous people can save money from their electricity bill and maximizes the power of the sun. Investing in technologies that get energy from solar power is definitely a worthwhile choice.


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