Family get together with Devant newest TV line

Our world has change drastically, I remember when I was young only a few have cable TV and most of the time I end up going outside and play because I most tv shows before are for adult ones. And I also remember after we ate dinner we usually play movies before we go to sleep or we will watch cowboy movies because Tatay loves it so much you have no choice, but to watch it with him.

After a while the world changes and most of use love to do Yahoo Chat, Friendster and Multiply and as years go by the change on how people communicate and have family bonding changes because most of the time we are in front of out laptops, tablets or mobile phones and before we eat we usually bond by take photos of the food that we are about to eat. And my family has change also coming from a multi-racial family we usually do some Indian-Malay stuff on my father’s side and Chinese-Spanish stuff on my mother’s side, but know we usually do it mostly online.

That is why Devant wants us to bring back the old time by doing the 7:30 PM TV G2G (get together). Devant wanted to bring back the old time where families will watch tv after or before dinner and bond with them without using our mobile phone. We enjoy each other’s company and have a good laughs with good movies to watch, plus watching it with Devant’s newest innovation TV.

Devant’s notable product is the Curved HD TV which has a 3840 x 2160 resolution with 60 Hz Vivid motion by a QuadCore CPU and a built-in ISDBT receiver. I think this device is smarter than a smart TV because it always you to experience perfect immersive features such as the anyview cast, which is a screen mirroring function.

Devant I think is the only TV brand which encourages us to go back to the roots of bonding and just for an hour or two we got to reconnect with our love one with their 7:30 PM TV G2G campaign. You what are you waiting for? Let’s make 7:30 PM TV G2G movement now!

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