Ways to love your Eyes + feature of Crizal Eyezen

Crizal Eyezen

I’ve been wearing eye glasses since I was elementary and since I have a nose injury that I got from competing in SEA Games, I have a problem using it and switch to using contact lenses, specially during fights.

Crizal Eyezen

I was tagged as nerd and super bright ( though I think I am a genius. haha!) I learned to take care of what I have as I grew up, specially my eyes. That’s why I am so strict with my kids on using gadgets and to love their eyes and here’s what I usually tell them + what I can say about Crizal Eyezen.

Eat right for a happy Vision – I always tell my husband to eat right and to eat Vitamin A rich foods like squash and carrots.

Don’t use your gadgets too long – Kids now-a-days are technology inclined, they always use tv, mobile phone or tablets. Moderation is always the key to a healthy vision.

Visit the eye doctor regularly and ask for Crizal Eyezen for lenses – My eldest uses eyeglasses also. At a young age he can’t see what he’s reading in the blackboard or event when watching tv from a far. And I always ask for Essilor lenses specially Crizal because it’s tried and tested and they have lens that is good for kids like the scratch proof and the light lenses and the most special lenses that can lessen uv rays to harm his eyes.

I always trust the best when it comes to lenses and it’s only Crizzal. I’ve used Crizal Eyezen lenses and every time I go out in the sun and I can see clearly, for me that was a very amazing feeling because not all lenses can provide that comfort and protection in my eyes. It also helps refresh eyes specially when I am always on my laptop and mobile phone.

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