Exercising Without Any Equipment at Home

Daily exercise is one of the best ways to get healthy and fit, along with a balanced diet. Exercise helps get your body in peak physical condition, and give you more energy during each day. While the gym is the best place to get the best exercise routines available, there are times that you would not be able to find one.

With that in mind, you can still do some effective exercise routines from the comfort of your own home. Here are some of the best exercise routines that you can do at home.


One of the best workouts that you can do at home are push-ups. This is one of the core routines of a good exercise, as it helps improve your upper body strength. There are many different ways to do a push-up, but it is best to stick with some of the more standard routines, and work your way up. Once you have gotten the hang of it, you can try doing it with one hand, from the side, clapping push-ups, and much more!


The most important routine when strengthening your core, crunches help gives your abdomen better strength. When you are just starting out, it is best to do half-crunches first, as you have to give your body more time to get comfortable with the routine. Crunches are an essential element in helping you get those wonderful tones abs that you aspire for.


Another fundamental routine, squats are best for your leg strength, and is something that you can do increasingly as your legs get stronger. It is best to get something to support you, like a chair or desk, so you would not fall out of balance. This would definitely make sure that you won’t miss leg day, and help you run and jump better when going out.


Another effective core routine, planking helps give you a lot of abdominal muscle strength while giving you a good sweat. Planking takes a while to get used to, but once you do, you would be able to pull it off longer than usual. A few good seconds of planking will really give you that burn you would need.

Stationary Jogging

While Jogging is one of the most effective outdoor workouts to do, your home simply would not have enough space for it. Instead, some stationary jogging would be able to be an effective alternative. Make sure you have a good pair of shoes to keep your feet comfortable, as this would really put up a good amount of sweat after a several minutes.

Jumping Jacks

Another fundamental cardio workout, jumping jacks can be done almost anywhere with enough space. This would be able to help warm your body up, and get you ready for some of the more extreme routines. Doing Jumping Jacks for a minute or two would really help get your body burning.

Key Takeaway

Who says proper exercise can only be done in the gym? Working out at home is just as helpful, and you would not even need to spend some money for a gym membership too! With these routines, you are guaranteed that you will have a good home workout that you will enjoy.


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