eSports Industry in the Philippines

As with all other articles related to this certain topic, it’s no argument or doubt that gaming has reached far and wide throughout society. Since 2017, eSports in the Philippines has taken off to new heights, with the Gaming and Amusements Board (GAB) giving it recognition, as well as having the ardent support of none other than Sen. Bam Aquino. With that said, it’s no doubt that eSports, has given a lot of avid gamers a new lease in their passion, most especially an opportunity for them to establish names for themselves in the world of online gaming.


There are a lot of factors that could contribute to the rising tide of gaming in the Philippines, especially with the widespread recognition eSports has been receiving nowadays. In any case, before learning of the impact of the eSports industry of the Philippines, one question should be answered first: what exactly is the eSports community?


What is eSports?

If there’s one event where all lovers of gaming can gather around and determine which among them is the reigning champion in their field, then eSports is the event definitely for you! With numerous gaming capitals all over the world, as well as different games to be played, it’s no surprise that eSports has certainly made a tremendous impact not just in the Philippines, but the rest of the world as well.

How Significant is the Impact of Philippine eSports?

Speaking of the impact eSports has brought to the country, many things should be noted about this. For example, thanks to eSports, many gamers gain a lot of opportunities to compete for their country as full-fledged athletes of the cyber world. Also, with the number of games available for play in the country, there are more chances for one to form a team of their own and compete in any eSports tournament there is!

Another great thing about this is that since these games are of the online variant, there is also a significant increase in employment thanks to eSports. For instance, there are game developers that are ready to assist with any concern gamers may have about the game, especially with particular issues like bugs, glitches, and on severe issues like hacking. Plus, game developers are important for certain aspects of online gaming such as new updates, new mods, and of course, new maps and characters to add to the game for player’s amusement.


Key Takeaway

Towards the end of the 20th century, there have been a lot of significant changes made to the world in many aspects. In fact, in the aspect of gaming, it also saw the introduction of video games in modern society. Throughout the times that have passed, generations and generations have enjoyed the numerous consoles and games that have come and gone in the market; and with the entrance of online gaming, more and more avid gamers are able to connect with one another for a good and friendly match with each other no matter where they may be.

In any case, the eSports industry has contributed massively to the massive change in society; and if you’re a lover of video games, then this industry should be your playing field.




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