Enjoy traveling with American Tourister and Bring back more Fun!

I’ve been traveling for quite sometime and I always enjoyed it because I bring back memories and great photos, plus I always make sure to bring home some t-shirt specially when its my first time in that province. I remember my trip to Batanes last 2016, I arrived first and took 2 days before my luggage arrived at home and I didn’t inspect it until I removed all my things inside and to my dismay my luggage was not in a good shape anymore. I also have problems with in the airport’s carousel as most luggages are in dark violet color even it I put something, like ribbon or stickers that can be my identifier, still most of the time some passengers tend to get my luggage. That’s why I’ve been in search for the best and quality luggage that I can bring when traveling.

And then I found, American Tourister. Their luggage is designed to keep up and meet a traveler’s expectations. Their colors are also vibrant so you can easily identify your luggage. It’s also very sophisticated and chic that you can even pose beside and with you OOTD.

Yesterday, American Tourister launched their newest signature luggage, the CURIOthis luggage id for your travelers and young families like mine. It’s eye catching color make Curio the millennial’s choice and also my family’s choice. Imagine a very light weight luggage which you can easily carry anywhere.


No wonder why Cristiano Ronaldo was chosen as the world ambassador of Curio as he embodies what American Tourister envision. Curio will surely help him with his constant travel whenever they have a game. That’s why most of the time Cristiano Bring Back More.

That’s why I made a switch to American Tourister, Curio. The color is fun and a very reliable luggage I can use to travel. Now I can’t wait for my next adventure. Where ti go next?

Curio spinners come in lively colors like golden yellow, spicy peach and denim blue that can surely inject more fun and energy into even the most long-winded of trips. The Curio collection is available in all fine department stores and travel specialty shops nationwide.


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