Emphasizing Healthcare Professionals’ Role on Ensuring Safety of Medicines

Johnson & Johnson and Philippine Medical Association Partner for the new pharmaceutical insights factbook

As patients, we just simply take in the medicines prescribed by our physicians. We entrust our lives to our physicians, keeping faith that we are getting the best care we can possible get. However, there are incidents when there are reactions that arise from some drugs. In the United States, the US FDA has recorded that there are more than 2 million people reported cases of ADRs which varies from minor to critical reactions. Out of this number, there have been more than 100,000 deaths associated to ADRs. Our healthcare practitioners are called to be more wary and report any incidents of any reactions caused, and help save lives.

To further assist the medical industry and have a better understanding of the drugs being prescribed, Johnson & Johnson (Philippines), Inc. (JJPI) has joined forces with the Philippine Medical Association (PMA) to develop a factbook titled “Pharmaceutical Insights for the Well-Informed Clinicians.” The first in the Philippines, the factbook aims to enable healthcare professionals in making informed decisions in the selection of medicines. The new book reveals the lifecycle of a drug and the many facets surrounding drug development, manufacturing, supply chain, and drug production regulation, among others. It has been developed in alignment with the principles of medical ethics and all other activities related to therapeutic interventions.

Factbook Cover

The book also includes challenges faced by the pharmaceutical industry in bringing lifesaving medicines to the market and regulatory efforts. It highlights the work of the Philippines Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to ensure that drugs in the market are safe and effective.

“Practicing pharmacovigilance is aimed at improving the care given to patients and protecting their lives. In order to prevent unnecessary suffering by patients and to decrease the financial burden brought about by the adverse events related to medicines, it is essential that all healthcare workers should be the frontliners in advocating pharmacovigilance by reporting all suspected cases especially when the reaction is unusual, potentially serious or clinically significant,” Dr. Minerva Calimag, President of the Philippine Medical Association (PMA) emphasized.

JJPI has been instrumental in making this factbook happen. It is a testament of its commitment to continuously finding ways to be of service to patients and to uphold its promise to help further improve the country’s healthcare system.  The company recognizes that the success of pharmacological intervention largely depends on the integrity of the processes that a medicine goes through from the time of manufacture to its use by the patient as intended in its regulatory approval.

“At Johnson & Johnson, patient well-being is at the forefront of everything we do. The factbook is intended to assist doctors in making an informed decision in the choice of the most appropriate medication for the patient,” said Mr. Wigbert Funtanilla, Hospital Channel Country Director of JJPI.

“We also understand that our physicians are under considerable pressure meeting busy schedules, hence JJPI has designed the narrative in a manner that facilitates easy reading for all.   This factbook is a sincere effort toward making a difference in the lives of our patients by empowering our doctors in Philippines to become well-informed healthcare professionals,” he added.

Because of its importance in the clinical practice of the doctors, the factbook will be launched as part of the on-line module of the Philippine Medical Association for their On-line Web-based Learning Partnerships for Medical Advancement (OWL@PMA).

To know more about the Pharmaceutical Insights for the Well-Informed Clinicians factbook, visit www.owlpma.com.


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