Embracing Motherhood in Style with SwaddleDesigns

You mommies all know that I have 2 kids and they are all grown up. My eldest is 12 and my youngest is 8. I was really excited to attend this event about swaddling because I cannot even remember if I did that on my kids. I really learned a lot about swaddling and I am happy to help young and new mommies out there on how to swaddle. I think this is important to mommies because your baby will a very comfortable and will sleep well. Below I uploaded videos so that new mommies can check out about swaddling.
I am very proud and happy to be part of the launching of Swaddle Designs at Society Lounge in Makati. I’ve got to meet new people and make new friends and also learn more about swaddling and making mommies be stylish while we carry our baby. So to new mommies out there check their press release below and the video I uploaded.

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Thanks again to Swaddle Designs specially to Ms. Joy Sy and Ms. Lynda for having me at the event! It was really nice meeting you!

Here are some of the products Swaddles Designs offers:

Baby Burpies
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Baby Lovie – Fuzzie

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Baby Wash Cloth

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Hooded Towel

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Marquisette Swaddling Blanket

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Muslin Swaddle

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Ultimate Receiving Blanket

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What do A-list celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Marcia Cross, Tori Spelling and Bridget Moynihan have in common? These fashionable personalities, now turned stylish moms, have all been spotted with a new accessory: SwaddleDesigns.

The recognized brand of multi-purpose layette products, which has become a favorite among new and experienced moms in the U.S., makes its way to the country to make Filipino moms embrace traditional parenting with a modern and trendy twist.

Swaddling, the timeless tradition of wrapping newborn babies in blankets, is scientifically proven to aid babies transition smoothly from womb to world, reduce colic and fussiness, and lessen the incidence of Sudden Infant Death (SIDS). The snug feeling of being swaddled also decreases awakenings due to startle reflex, helping infants – and parents, as well – to sleep better and longer. It also makes breastfeeding easier, and encourages more bonding between moms and babies.

However, while wrapping them in neat little packages can benefit babies in many ways, swaddling can be challenging, and for some, outdated.

Seeing parents struggle with the difficulty of swaddling was the spark that led to the creation of SwaddleDesigns by American nurse Lynette Damir. Using her medical background and design education, Damir developed the ultimate swaddling blanket using the right fabric and size. SwaddleDesigns multi-use blankets are over 40 percent larger than typical receiving blankets, made from lightweight, breathable cotton.

Today, SwaddleDesigns has grown to become a trusted brand that modern mothers love for the quality, style, and affordability. Recommended by doctors, nurses, and parenting experts, it has developed a loyal and enthusiastic following of moms and celebrity moms alike because of its versatility, quality and chic design.

“Lynette Damir makes sure that each SwaddleDesigns product is made with mom and baby in mind, combining function and style in one package,” said Joy Sy-Sim. “And we believe that caring for your baby is all about embracing every moment and embracing the lifestyle of living in a modern world. Products like Swaddle Designs are helping each parent embrace that moment,” added Sim.

SwaddleDesigns comes in a wide array of designer colors and fashionable prints, making it suitable for young and modern moms. With its wonderful assortment of mixing and matching designs, moms can enjoy the SwaddleDesigns line which they can coordinate with their personal style.

Made of lightweight and breathable fabric, SwaddleDesigns products are perfect for tropical countries like the Philippines. Each product is carefully designed to allow air to flow naturally, reducing the risk of overheating for babies. What’s more, SwaddleDesigns is made of durable material that babies love to touch and feel as you wash and use through time.

Because swaddling can be complicated, especially to new parents, SwaddleDesigns is the only product with instructions sewn to the edge of the blanket, so parents have an effective swaddling technique right at their fingertips. With this seemingly small but ingenious detail, everyone – moms, dads, and grandparents – can swaddle like a pro.

“We know that for moms, the baby’s comfort and security comes first. But that doesn’t mean moms have to miss out in style. With SwaddleDesigns, moms can embrace parenthood without sacrificing their fashionable self,” Joy Sy-Sim said.

In the Philippines, the available SwaddleDesigns products are Ultimate Receiving Blankets, Marquisette Swaddling blankets, Muslin Swaddle, Hooded Towel, Baby Lovie-Fuzzy, Wash Clothes, and Baby Burpies.

Exclusively distributed in the Philippines by Recherche Marketing, SwaddleDesigns products are available at Rustan’s Department Stores, Babyland and Rainbow Tots (Cebu). It is also available online at Cudsly and Babies to Toddlers. To know more, visit www.swaddledesigns.com, swaddledesignsph.blogspot.com, or www.facebook.com/swaddledesignsph.


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