Eating right and healthy should start at home

Del Monte Philippines

Ever since my mom got diabetes we are very cautious in eating and cooking food. She always wanted the best for us and her grand kids that is why she’s teaching my kids to eat healthy for them to prevent diseases and to be healthy and develop well.

It may seem too impossible to teach kids, but when kids see parents eat healthy they do follow it and sooner or later they adapt to the change of eating healthy. That is why whenever I have time cooking I see to it my kids are helping me prepare to let them know that ingredients are essential in making them healthy.

Del Monte Philippines

According to a study by Dr. Jennifer Utter of the University of Auckland in 2012, children with parents who eat less fruits, veggies and diary have parents who most likely eat less of these. Since parents are their kids role models and most of the time they are the one who is explaining to kids to eat right, but kids see that we don’t eat that is why our kids don’t eat right.

That is why when my kids are at school I see to it that they have at least one fruit on their bag or a packed fruit. It is a to go and also will let my kids be healthy school specially when they can see a lot of junk food around.

These canned fruits won’t take much time for you to serve as snacks. But beyond their delicious flavor, convenience, and ready availability, they are packed with nutrients including vitamin B6 for energy, manganese for the formation of connective tissues and bones, fiber for healthy bowel movement, and vitamin C for better immunity.

Speaking of the immune system, research has proven that daily pineapple consumption can boost a child’s resistance against illness. In a study conducted by Dr. Leonora Panlasigui of the Philippine Women’s University’s School of Nutrition, adding two servings of Del Monte Pineapples to the daily diet of her young participants greatly improved each child’s overall immunity.

The study showed a 27 percent increase in the production of granulocytes—a type of white blood cell vital to combating diseases—in children who ate two servings of pineapple a day. The result is reduced recovery time from bacterial and viral infections.

“Even a single serving of fruit a day could make all the difference with your child’s health,” says Dr. Panlasigui. “One serving is good, but the general consensus recommends two servings a day. It’s easy to build a fun, tasty habit with the kids that will benefit them in the long run.”

By helping the family develop healthy eating habits, you can be assured that even if your children eat away from home, they will always make the healthier choice.

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