Easy Jobs that Pay Surprisingly Well

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Manpower Agencies in the Philippines might sound like they only recruit people for difficult jobs. What they actually do is match people with a specific skill set to employers.

And some people might assume that only doctors, lawyers, and CEOs make a boatload of pennies, but you’d be surprised what other kinds of jobs pay really well.


Eyebrow Shaver

Pretty sure you weren’t prepared to see this on the list. One former owner of a beauty salon started a kiosk or a stall which offered to shape any willing customer’s eyebrows. That’s about fifty customers on a weekday and about eighty at night, and that earns her about P1,500 a day! Imagine that, giving people perfect, on fleek eyebrows bringing in many pretty pennies!

make up artist

Freelance Makeup Artist

So maybe you can’t charge big as soon as you start, but hey, watch a few more YouTube videos and with a lot more practice, you can start charging more and more. You can start off by offering your services to people in your neighborhood or your friends, then move up to putting up a Facebook page where people can contact you and get you to do their makeup! This is a dream come true for the makeup lovers out there.

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If you’re one of those people who can fix anything, a tinkerer, then this job might be perfect for you. All you’ll need is a stall or a kiosk in a mall and your ready tools. Some offer to fix mobile phones, and some offer to fix laptops. It depends on the tech on how much he’ll charge for fixing a device, and it also depends on how severe the problem is, but usually it’ll be about P800 per phone, and it’s sure he won’t be fixing just three phones for the day.

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Ever hear your parents say that a funeral home is a business that might never close down? They might be right, but the people who preserve all those dead people might be the ones getting all that cash. You have to be a licensed embalmer before you get to work with the dead though. The job pays well, too, and embalmers can get as much as P7,000 a week.

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According to a barker (or dispatcher) all you need for this one is to know where most people go on or off from public transportation, places like schools, malls, or churches, or any kind of place with attracts people. He says he earns a hundred an hour from calling passengers to a jeep, about ten pesos per jeep. If you make some more calculations, barkers actually make more than a driver!

Jobs that require you to sit in front of a computer nine hours a day (because let’s face it, 8-5 isn’t actually eight hours) aren’t the only jobs that can help you earn more than what you need. Sometimes, you have to know what the people want and just wing it from there. You’ll never know, you might even end up with a booming business.

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