Easy-To-Care-For Indoor Plants

Growing plants, like anything else, requires dedication, patience and a lot of TLC. If you are someone who wants to add color and life to your luxury condominium in the Philippines but don’t have the experience to do so, don’t give up because there are plants that don’t need a lot of fussing to. It may be impractical to grow a large bush in your house but here are some plant options that may work for you:

  • Aloe Vera

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Image source: www.avso.org

If you don’t know what an Aloe Vera is, it is a stem-less, succulent plant with thick fleshy leaves. These plants only need moderate sun exposure and not much water so be careful not to over-water these plants or else you will send them to the fast lane of wilting.

  • Snake Plant

The snake plant is a flowering plant that needs minimal watering and sunlight, making it an ideal indoor plant especially for beginners. Aside from being low-maintenance, the snake plant is a wonderful air purifier and it makes for a great decoration because of its pretty flowers. Just keep them away from your pets because these plants are rather poisonous.

  • Orchid

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Image Sources: mydesignchic.com

Orchids are perfect especially if you want to liven up your place with colorful flowers. Many orchid species thrive in the sunlight so better put them near your window. They also don’t need a lot of water so watering once a week should do the trick. However, orchids are perennial plants so you may have to wait for a certain season to admire the flowers.

  • Peace Lily

This super easy to grow plant favors low humidity and low light but can withstand standard room temperatures. Just keep its soil moist and before long, you’ll be able to admire its lush dark green leaves and beautiful curved white blooms.

  • Spider Plant

This flowering perennial herb is considered as the most adaptable indoor plant and the easiest to grow. Just keep its soil moist especially during summer and don’t let it dry out. Groom this plant as well by occasionally trimming off the dead tips or leaves.

  • Areca Palm

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Image Source: www.zameen.com

Want to add a beach-y vibe to your condo? Try growing an Areca Palm. This plant can grow up to seven feet tall, which can be a problem in the future, but you can keep it contained within a pot to keep it small. This plant can thrive well with little light and you only need to water it every two weeks because you need to keep the soil somewhat dry.

  • Ficus

The Ficus plant has beautiful shiny leaves that can add cheer and warmth in your condo. It loves the warm weather, making it suitable for tropical environments. This plant also thrives even with minimal water so feel free to give it a bit of attention every now and then.

All of these plants are easy to care for and will make a wonderful addition in your condominium. Besides, plants don’t just make your place pretty to look at; they also purify and freshen the air in your condo unit. These hardy plants prove that you don’t need to be a certified green thumb just to keep your condo eco-friendly.



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