Dyson’s Media Launch + the UNSEEN exposed

Dyson recently launch their latest technology about the unseen. These are the bacterias and viruses that lurks in our bed room and around the house. The launched happened at Shanri-La Mall last July 29th.

The Communications Director, Bobby Yan explained about the harmful effects of the unseen and what Dyson can give and how it can protect us and our home. They have shown how bladeless fans are very effective in filtering the unseen bacterias and other harmful unseen elements.


What I mostly like and wanted to have is the vacuum. They have a lot of vacuums that can be use in different parts of the house, but what I wanted to try is the vacuum for the bed. We have a dog and he sleeps with us, though we are very careful about him and we never let him leave the house without protecting hime from harmful elements outside, but unfortunately we cannot control it.

Here are some photos from the event:

Thanks to Dyson now we can have a very clean bedroom without the unseen elements!

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