Dos and Don’t While Driving


Driving your Toyota Fortuner in the Philippines can be a pain especially when the drivers around you only think about themselves, and get angry if they get cut off while talking on the phone. So here are some dos and don’ts while driving.


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The DOs

  • DO wear your seatbelt. It will keep you safe and alive if ever you go on a sudden stop, or if you crash, your head won’t hit your wheel at full force. This also applies to your passengers. Make sure your passengers wear their seatbelts.
  • DO follow the speed limits. They’re there to prevent accidents.
  • DO stop at crosswalks. Give way to the pedestrians; they’re in the right place.
  • DO follow the rules of the road of your jurisdiction. If you’re not allowed to turn left at the next intersection, don’t.
  • DO pay attention! Most especially if you’re in an unfamiliar area. Many accidents happen far from home.
  • DO use your signal light. Use them to tell other drivers where you’re going so that they don’t assume what you’re going to do. This can prevent accidental run-ins with other cars.
  • DO make time for routine preventive maintenance. Not only will this extend your car’s life, but also keep you safe. Listen to your car as well; if something sounds off, bring it to your repairman immediately. Putting off repairs will cause bigger damage and costly repairs.
  • DO make an effort to use caution in bad weather. Be extra cautious when driving in the rain or through fog. Visibility goes down both in the rain and the fog. If you’re unsure of your capabilities of driving through bad weather, find a place to wait it out and let it pass.

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The DON’Ts

  • DON’T drink and drive. Don’t get into a car with someone who is drunk or has been doing drugs either. DUI will lead to serious consequences. Drunk driving is the number one cause of vehicular accidents. Being just a little bit intoxicated reduces coordination and reaction time.
  • DON’T drive when sleepy. Get a good night’s sleep before a long a drive, or pull over somewhere safe and have a nap.
  • DON’T tailgate, run stoplights, or break road laws on purpose. You are not above the law.
  • DON’T play your stereo on too loudly. You won’t be able to hear other vehicles, emergency sirens.
  • DON’T do anything else while driving. Don’t eat, drink, change clothes, or even put on makeup. This will reduce your reaction time and lead to accidents.
  • DON’T use your cellphone while driving. It will take your attention away from the road, and again, reduce your reaction time and cause accidents. If you have to answer an important call, pull over.
  • DON’T leave your valuables in your car, no matter where you are parked. Thieves can easily break your windows and steal your things, and even your car if they see something of value.

Keep these dos and don’ts in mind while driving. You’ll be able to keep yourself, other drivers, and pedestrians safe, and you’ll be happy you made it to work early, and home in time for dinner.

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