Do you still remember your first date? + Questions to pop on your first date

I can’t even remember when was my first date but, what I can remember is that I started dating early and with the world early I mean very early. I started dating when I was 12 years old, though it’s not like the whole romantic thing, but I think it was about companionship since I am an only child and my parents usually busy on their business that time.

Everything in my life is early as I got pregnant at an early age too and after my partner and I separated that time, I ended up looking for people who I can talk to, not to flirt or anything, but Friendster was my go to site then. Meeting new people from my country and also foreigners help me boost my self-esteem that I can still found the right one for me.

And I remember asking silly questions like, What motivates you to do your thing everyday or What’s your talent or What are your hobbies? I think it’s very silly but it started to have a little conversation without feeling awkward that time.

That’s why, if I’m still single now I think dating sites will surely be my go to friend as I always wanted a relationship where we started as friends and wanting to get to know the real you in person. It may not be going to be in a romantic relationship, but at least I’ve gained a new friend. I remember a friend was into online dating and she was so hooked with it that she even pays around $10 to $15 for the membership fee of that certain dating site.I remember when she’s still single she luckily found some free dating sites to check and had found few friends and thankfully with that free dating websites she’s now  happily married and living her dreams in the United States with her kids.

I also asked her what questions she pop on her first date with her husband and here’s what she said:

  1. What book can you say changed your life?
  2. What tv series are you into?
  3. They even play 2 truths and a lie. 🙂
  4. How would you describe me in one word?
  5. Can I buy a drink again?

Woah! I was so shocked after reading her message to me about her questions to her husband on their first date, but super glad she nailed it as they are inseparable now and made a family of their own. I think not everyone has a fairytale love story like them, but dating sites surely helped people a lot to find the one.

I wish every men and women who are looking for love can find their match on free dating sites. With a lot of people in the world maybe your one true love is on the other side of the world like what happened to my friend.

How about you do you still remember your first date? What question would you pop on your first date? Will you find your one true love on the free dating website? Comment your answers below 🙂


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