DIY: Themed Picture Frames

DIY themed picture frames

There are endless ways out there to create your own picture frames using any material of choice that is convenient for you. One suggestion could be steel plates used here in the Philippines to ensure the material of the frame is strong and sturdy to keep your precious picture. Get more ideas for DIY picture frames here.

Summer Vibe Picture Frame
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Summer vibes

Decors of summer are always bright and colorful! Try to make your project exude with the feeling of summer. Collect a group of mini ropes, branches, paint, and seashells. Stick them up altogether and you have your own picture frame with a beach-y vibe!

Glass Bottle Picture Frame
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Glass bottle beauties

If you have tons of clear bottles in your homes, you can use it as a picture frame also! Try to decorate the outside area of the bottle and just carefully place the photograph inside the bottle how you prefer it to be placed. However, if you fail, try to insert thin straws or metal strings to try to perfect the location of the picture.

Mason Jar Picture Frame
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Memories in a mason jar

A mason jar not only is quirkily cute, it also has numerous uses. It can even serve as a flower vase and a picture vase as well. Paint the outside of the Mason jar and then stick up your photo outside the jar. Then put water inside of the jar and then place your flowers there. Pretty neat, right?

Yan Picture Frame
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Yarn frame

Now if you’re feeling productive, get a couple of yarns and create the frame you want with a certain theme. Just get an old frame or create your own, and then wrap around the yarn on it a couple of times until you reach your preferred decoration.

Simple bow tie frame
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Simple bow tie frame

Doing a simple bow tied décor is easy and fun. You have to buy a wooden frame though, or create your own just get a wooden clipboard or a simple wooden board and stick your own clip on it to place your photograph. Then simply choose a cute ribbon that would suit your photo.

Scrabble Picture Frame
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“Scrabble” them up

Scrabble is a popular word board game played by millions of people around the world. Your family or relatives pretty much have their own game at home but might not use it anymore. Be resourceful by using the scrabble letters by forming a word or words that fits the picture you want to put on it. Just buy your own frame base to input your photo and scrabble words.

Photo Clothespin
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Photo clothespin

Buy a couple of clothespin and wires or yarns to use for your customized frame. Get a board and then stick both ends of the string at the sides of the board any way you want to. Then when everything’s already settled, clip the photos on the string using a clothespin and voila.

It’s fun to create your own personalized picture frame because it makes it special for you and for anyone who sees it. Consider getting some metal plates, aluminum foils, ropes or any props that suits your mood if you happened to ran out of options in creating your own frame. Best of luck!





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