Dirt Bike Safety Tips For Kids: Parent Edition

The thrill of riding a dirt bike is unprecedented. But why should adults have all the fun? Kids are also entitled to experiencing this adrenaline-pumping activity, given you take charge of their safety on the track.

By taking a few safety tips into account, you can send your little biker to rule the track without having to worry about anything. Read on to know the important dirt bike safety tips for kids. 

  • Buy A Bike For Their Size

If an 8-year old rides a bike too large for his age, his adventure is likely to turn into a misadventure. To enjoy dirt biking safely, it is paramount that your kid rides a bike that suits his weight and height.

The manufacturers offer a plethora of options for every age group. Let your kid start with a lightweight, 50 cc bike and as he gains more experience on the track, you can increase the engine power and introduce more gears. 

  • Pre-ride Checklist

Show your kid how you run a pre-ride check before each ride as a protocol. If you don’t know yourself yet, here’s what to check: oil level, coolant, chain and lube, control lever, tire air pressure, brakes, controls, and the overall nuts, bolts, and spikes. You can get someone who has been into dirt riding to show them. Though it may seem complicated, remember, If they’re old enough to ride, they’re old enough to understand what it takes to ride safely.

Do not let your kid ride the bike unless you ascertain that the bike is perfectly fit to hit the track. 

  • Put The Safety Gear On

You must buy the best safety gear for your kid. Do not try to cut corners here as cheaper safety gear never provides superior safety. Good safety gear may be expensive, but it’s always worth the investment. 

The kids motocross gear consists of chest protectors, under-roost protector, knee and ankle guards, neck braces, kidney belts, protection jackets, helmet, gloves, goggles, and more. Ensure that your kid is wearing his safety gear while riding the bike.

  • Select The Right Type Of Track

Extremely rough terrains are never safe for inexperienced riders. Beginners may injure themselves and may never want to ride the bike again. 

To keep your kid safe and absorbed in the sport, you must select the road carefully. If it’s his first ride, let him start on a straight and flat dirt road. You can save the sharp corners for later.

  • Set A Speed Range For Them

It is easy for your kid to get carried away while riding the bike and lose control. And, we all know what happens when a speeding bike loses control.

The best way to make sure that your kid drives within a safe speed range is by fitting throttle limiters. Once you fit a speed limiter and set a safe speed range, you won’t have to worry about your kid’s speeding impulses. 

  • Do Not Let Them Ride On Roads

Dirt bikes aren’t meant for roads. They are specially designed for the venturesome rides on dirt terrains. If your kid sets out on an open road with his dirt bike, they put their and many other lives in danger.

To keep your kid safe from any potential danger, you must not allow him to ride the dirt bike on the streets. 

  • Do Not Let Them Ride In Rain 

No points for guessing. A muddy track increases the chances of injuries and accidents. So to ensure your child’s safety, you must set down strict rules until you’re confident that they’re ready to handle the extended challenges of a drenching track. 


Dirt biking is a great adventure sport, and negligence can be dangerous. To make sure your kid has a fun time on the track, you need to take care of the safety measures. Follow the mentioned dirt bike safety provisions and let your kid fully indulge in this adrenaline-pumping adventure. 

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