Different Types of People You Will Meet in College

College is the time where everyone gets the chance to branch out and see what they want in their lives. Whether a student enrolls in a state university/college or one of the top engineering schools in the country, there are more than enough opportunities you can gain with college, plus the memories and friends you’ll make!

Speaking of friends, the most notable thing about this is the abundance of people you can meet in your college years. With a lot of personalities to handle, these types of people will nonetheless make your stay in college more memorable than you’d expect! Here are some of the most recognizable types of people you will meet in college:


The Athlete 

One thing to note about college is that there are a lot of programs that cater to the student populace, especially when it comes to sports—and when it comes to sports, you can bet that these types of people are going to be in your line of sight right then and there!

The ‘athlete’ type of person can come from anyone, either a student who’s exemplary at sports, or a student on an athletic scholarship working and training day and night. Either way, you’ll definitely be able to find them in the school gym working up a sweat.


The Overachiever 

While getting good grades is an important thing to consider for every college, there is still such a thing as achieving too much…not that it’s a bad thing of course. The overachievers are the type of people you’ll meet in college whose name is almost always on the quarterly dean’s list. They get higher grades than most of their peers and they make sure that every project they tackle, every homework assigned to them, and even something simple like recitations is nothing short of perfect.

They may be seen as annoyances by many—but deep inside, however, they’re just like everyone else around campus. Just normal students making their way through the rest of their stay in college.


The Party Animal 

No matter what day of the week it may be, no matter their being enrolled in a top engineering school of the country and whatnot, the party animal will definitely let loose and party ‘til the break of dawn!

This type of people can commonly be seen in places like the hottest clubs, bars, or even in their friend’s houses just drinking, wilding out, and having the time of their lives! In fact, you’ll be able to know if he/she is a certain party animal when they show up to their classes (mostly afternoon classes) and pay attention, and yet still manage to find the energy within themselves to party with their friends!


The Artists 

Art can come in multiple forms, whether it be aesthetics or visual—and when it comes to art, these types of people certainly embody it!

Artists are the type of people you see around college that are always up to something for the arts. For musicians, you’ll see them with their fellow musician friends just jamming out before break’s over (or simply walking around with a guitar on their backs); or for theater kids, you’ll be able to find them dominating the auditorium and killing their lines for their next production; or for photographers, you’ll never fail to see them without a camera hanging by their necks. Everyday is always something to wonder and marvel at with artists—and if you meet and become friends with them in college, you’re definitely in for a treat!


Key Takeaway

Whether you’re enrolled in one of the country’s top engineering schools or another university of your choice, meeting these types of people will surely make your stay in college eve more memorable!



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