The Different Types of Drunk: Which One Are You?

The Different Types of Drunk: Which One Are You?

You’ve probably attended a party where alcohol was one of the main attractions of the night, so there’s a high chance that you’ve experienced seeing or even interacting with a drunk person. Getting drunk is one of the main effects of drinking alcohol, which is why the alcohol industry is one of the largest markets in the world. Getting drunk is a way for people to temporarily forget whatever they’re going through – or even let out all the pent-up feelings inside them. With the humongous industry of alcohol reaching places like the Philippines, there will always be a place where you can drink alcohol. But, with its effects did you know that there are different kinds of drunk personalities that people have?

If you’ve experienced being drunk, you probably know what it feels like to let out your drunk personality, so here’s something that can describe whatever personality you have when inebriated:


#1. Happy Drunk

 These are the people that seem to have the greatest time at a party. They’re the ones that bring the life to the party, basically, they’re the best kind of drunk there is. They’re happy, enthusiastic, and overall just fun to be with. The only part that you’re going to have problems with is when you’re still sober and can’t keep up with the antics of the happy drunk. They’re also the people that are in a good mood throughout the party, they dance whenever they could, and they laugh – which is highly contagious – whenever they hear something that they deem is funny. So, if you’re stuck in a party, it’s better to be around the happy drunks.


#2. Relentless Drunk

 These are the people that can’t seem to have enough. If you’re one of these people, even if you’re drunk as hell, you still want to keep going, maybe there’s a deeper reason for why you still want to keep going. But, a word of advice: know your limits! Even when you’re going through something a relentless drunk is someone that people don’t want to associate with. They’re not the best companions in a night out but, they’re sure to be drinking until everything runs out.


#3. Sentimental Drunk

 The people that let out the ~feels~ whenever the alcohol hits them, they’re the people that gets emotional the later the night gets. Especially if they’re with their old friends, they usually reminisce about the old days where they had a lot of fun, and they question where they went wrong. This kind is not the most annoying kind of drunks but when you’re told that they love you for too many times in one night, you’ll probably also get sick of it too. The best part is when the waterworks come out and you can’t do anything about it because they’re not listening to whatever you say but instead they wallow in regret and loneliness.


There are still numerous kinds of drunks but the three that are stated above are what you commonly seen in a party or a night-out. One thing is for sure, drunk personalities don’t come out if you’ve just drank in moderation, so just chill out and focus on the people around you instead of focusing on getting wasted.

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