Day tour by Chinatown girl and Manila boy

Yesterday is my Hubby’s birthday so we decided to go to Binondo. We don’t really splurge now on expensive vacation since we are saving for the house we are building also near Doroteo Jose. We are really fond of Manila area because you have it all, it’s near Quiapo Church and Sta. Cruz Church, Near shopping malls like SM Manila, Robinson’s Ermita and Mall of Asia and we are near the Chinese food capital Binondo. We are really fond of eating especially if it’s delicious and affordable but ever since I started fasting due to my Big C. I cannot really eat a bunch but thanks to him, he can finish what I’ve started. I think we do a day tour, our first stop is Intsek Tapsilogan sa Tomas Mapua. I know your curious about the “Chinatown Girl” and “Manila boy”. My hubby called me Chinatown girl since I know the twist and turns of Binondo and all the good food you can found there. I call him Manila boy since he knows almost all food avenue in the entire Manila Area.

This is what you can see out side. The tapsilogan is in Tomas Mapua street near Doroteo Jose. Photo is from their FB page. When Mapua Highschool was still operating most the students ate here because they offer very affordable meals but really scrumptious. That’s why we just endured the loong travel just to eat here.
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I just play with my camera and took this photo. This is their vinegar full of chili, garlic and some other spices. This is a good partner for Tapsilog and Tosilog.
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This is their soup. They will serve this right after you settle down on your seat. It’s really delish, my Hubby told me that the broth is made by boiling the beef and lengua and some herbs and spices and I don’t know more about it. I just know that it’s delicious and “sabaw palang ulam na!”
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I order Mixilog it’s tocino and tapa combined. My boys don’t wanna be disturbed so I cannot take photos of their food but Kweky ordered Tocilog and my Hubby ordered Halo(I don’t know what it is made of)
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Look at that its so yummy! 🙂 by the way this cost only P42 pesos.

After eating at Intsek’s we went to Binondo church to pray and to give thanks for all blessings that God bestowed us.

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I was really shy to take pictures since its inside the Church. but I cannot resist to share how beautiful their altar is.

After we went to Lucky Chinatown Mall since it’s just so near. We ate again at Chinatown’s Mercato the Mei Wei Lu. My family is really fond of Chinese food.

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People are crazy with this chicken. Almost all people we see are lining up to buy chicken from Cha Cha Food House. Their chicken is really to die for and it only cost P150 for half the chicken and P280 for whole chicken. They also offer it with Kiampong rice. For just P100 you can enjoy chicken and their Kiampong rice. Sorry Bhen I caught your baldy head 🙂
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Busy Chinatown Mercato. I really want to try all of the food here. Soon 🙂
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They also offers barbeque and some “isaw”

After eating out again and going to the mall we ride the Kalesa to go to Carriedo before we going home.

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Happy us and it’s our first time to ride it! I was really nervous and anxious about it but it’s really a must try we roam around Binondo and Escolta streets.
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The little boy is so excited!!!!

I took a very short video. Kweky is complaining about the horse pooping 🙂

And that’s end our day tour within Binondo, Doroteo Jose, Escolta and Carriedo area. We love roaming around the Metro and knowing memories of the past events happened there and meet new people and eat and eat and eat! Till our next adventure!

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