Customer Service for Senior Citizens

The United States of America is one of the few countries that is dealing with an aged population. The rise of senior citizens in numbers can be seen across the country. It is no surprise that (caregiver) services in Chicago as well as other places is becoming a priority not just by the branches of the government but also by huge corporations.
It is understandable for companies to be able to extend their good customer service to the older generation. If you are a part of these companies, particularly if you are a customer representative yourself, then you must remember the items below to provide the proper service for the older ladies and gentlemen.

It is unfortunate but true that most people coming from the older generation are lonely. This means that you have to lend them your ears so that they will feel appreciated in the service of your company. Do not cut them off when they are telling you a story. Try to understand that they do not exactly have many company at their own homes. They do not actually mean to take so much of your time, just indulge them by listening to their woes and stories.

Use Proper Communication Techniques
Remember that senior citizens have a different preference compared to the younger generation. Most of them would definitely prefer talking to you face-to-face or with a live customer care representative than an automated one. Make sure you put on a helpful and cheerful attitude while dealing with them.

Patience is a Virtue
When it comes to dealing with a senior, remember to always be patient with them as they tend to take a much longer time when it comes to responding, understanding, as well as making a decision in your transaction together. If you want to resolve their concerns properly, then you would have to be patient with them until they hang up their own phones.

Hand Out Coupons
One of the best things you can do in order to make your relationship with a senior customer last is by giving them some coupons. They can use them to get discounts when using the various products and services your company offers. Understand that these people are paying for their retirement funds which is not exactly a walk in the park. Surely, they will appreciate this gesture and decide to stay in your company for a long time.

Take Down Notes
Recognize that deafness is quite common to people who are in their golden age. These people have a tendency to misunderstand your instructions, so why not write them down for them to read later on. It would make both your lives easier since they would have the time to comprehend it on their own. It can also serve as a reminder for when they forget what you said in the future.

Show Respect
Senior citizens actually do not like the feeling that they are being belittled or patronized by the representatives they talk to when they need assistance with a certain product or service. Avoid being that employee and show them the respect that they earned as the knowledgeable elders of the society. Don’t treat them as if they are stupid; treat them like you would treat any other customer and you would achieve better results.
Communicating with senior citizens is not easy but follow these tips and you will hardly encounter any problems from them, if at all.

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