Crayon Crunch: A Personalized Adventure Book for Every Child

Doesn’t every child deserve to go on an adventure? I am excited to announce that Crayon Crunch is launching a Kickstarter campaign to be the first personalized children’s book that is inclusive to every ethnicity and special need. While most personalized books allow the reader only to customize the lead character’s name, Crayon Crunch is taking personalization to a new level.

The printed picture book is filled with beautiful illustrations and allows readers to fully customize the lead character’s appearance. Including the name, facialfeatures, eye color, hair color & style, skin tone and clothing. They even allow readers to add special needs such as glasses, wheel chair, prosthetics, and more.
 Crayon Crunch Crayon Crunch Crayon Crunch
The story is about your child who finds a magical box in the attic with a keyhole in the shape of the first letter of his/her name. Because the key is nowhere in sight, your child goes on an adventure where he or she meets many interesting characters that help him/her find the key. When your child finally unlocks the box there is a surprise for your child. Inside the box is a personal letter from a parent, family member, or friend who purchased the book.

About Crayon Crunch:

The idea for Crayon Crunch was born when co-founder Friederike Geiken visited her nephew for Christmas. She brought him a personalized book, where the lead character’s name was personalized to match her nephew’s. While everyone in Friederike’s family loved the book, her nephew could not associate himself with the character. There had to be a better way! Friederike joined forces with Tim Osterbuhr and Kai Schmittat to launch Crayon Crunch. What started out, as a project to create a better book for her nephew quickly became a mission to represent every child in a printed book.

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