Cowrie Grill, Promenade

The Place

Cowrie Grill is located at Promenade Mall, Missouri Street, San Juan City.  Upon entering the restaurant, you will initially feel that you are entering a five star hotel, with its very sophisticated and intricate wall and ceiling designs, you will surely be mesmerized by its beauty.  Their plates will surely amaze you because it has a very rugged look which I think will let their dish Instagram ready anytime.

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The Food

Cowrie Grill

Lobster Bisque

Just by the soup’s aroma, you will absolutely know that it is a lobster-based soup.  It is made of lobster tail medallion and flambé it with brandy.  It has a strong lobster taste and a twist of tomatoes in it.  You will not taste the brandy anymore and it is really appetizing.

Cowrie Grill

Maitre D’Caesar Salad

Before serving the salad, Art (one of the servers) prepared the Caeser Salad Dressing right in front of you.  The salad is made of Romaine Lettuce and the dressing is Classic Caesar dressing and completed it with strips of croutons and bacon bits.  The salad has a strong onion and Dijon mustard taste and a little bit spicy, which gives your palate a boost before eating the entrée.

Cowrie Grill

Sherbet of the day

Their sherbet of the day is watermelon.  This cleanses our palate after eating the soup and the salad. The ice is very fine and has a natural watermelon flavor.

Cowrie Grill

Angus Beef Rib, US served with Baked Potato

My Angus beef ribs was served rare to medium rare, which I really love.  It is served with baked potato and veggies on the side.  It is very juicy and tender.  It has three sauces which you can incorporate with the steak: the butter sauce, mushroom sauce and the pepper sauce.  All of theses sauces compliments the steak, but you can also eat the steak without the sauces because it has a taste of itself.

The baked potato is as big as my palm (in a punching form).  It has cream cheese, onion chives and bacon bits.  It is baked to perfection and really compliments the steak.

Cowrie Grill

Baked Alaska

I am not very fond of sweets or desserts, but this dessert made me realize that sweets are really part of a menu.  It’s made of strawberry and vanilla ice cream (this is inside the sponge cake), Sponge Cake, Meringue and flambé it with brandy and topped with fresh strawberry.  The meringue is not so sweet and the consistency is very thick.  The sponge cake is a bit dry and has little holes on it, but it compliments the ice vanilla and strawberry ice cream inside.

After the dessert they also served coffee or tea partnered with their chocolate crinkles.  Their crinkles are very moist and chewy, which is not the usual crinkles we buy from pastry shops.  I am not really a coffee fan, but for you to see some of their coffee drinks please see photos below.

The Servers

Cowrie Grills servers are very attentive, prompt and will take the extra mile to satisfy their guest needs and wants.

The Verdict

Overall, Cowrie Grill is a must visit 5 star restaurant in San Juan.  Their food is all amazing, luscious and very splendid.  I cannot say more, but it was indeed one of the best restaurants I’ve been and I am hoping to go back to try more of their dishes.  Job well done to Chef Michael!

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