Converse celebrates equality with their Pride Collection



I have a 13 year old gay son ever since he was little I knew right away that he’s different and growing up is really hard for him because he was teased and humiliated by many, but what we do as parents make him proud of who he was. We always tell him that he’s beautiful inside and out and that being a gay is not a curse or what, but he is just trapped in a body of a boy, that is why we encouraged him to fight for his right. We allow him to dress whatever he like and even let him be who he is even around his little brother.


That is why I am so excited about Converse’s new collection. It is inspired by all the LGBTA Communities around the world, this collection is a reminder of universal tolerance, diversity and equality which encourage the creativity of how authentic their their community is. This will be launch this spring and the design will be use is from the classic Converse Chuck Taylor hi and ox silhouettes. The sneakers  have rainbow license plat and aglets and this collection is made available in both woven canvas with splattered rainbow design.


Converse Pride Collection is now available at Converse store for P3,990. Check out the design and style at or

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