Computer Literacy among Kids



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With technology rapidly developing in the society today, it’s no wonder that more IT jobs in Myanmar and around the world are being offered. It’s no secret that jobs involving computer science are some of the most in-demand right now. And with companies producing a new model of gadget faster than how one would say “computer”, kids, some as young as three years old, are already exposed to the world of mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. There are also schools that promote cyber education to preschoolers.

While kids may not have the idea who invented the first computer or know how to write his or her name on a piece of paper, many of them have a better understanding about the digital age compared to middle-aged people.

Nowadays, it’s not about if the child will become computer literate. It’s when the child will become computer literate. Some say that it’s okay for kids to be like that during their preschool years but there are others who say technology at such a tender age is too much.

Kids and Computers: a Recipe for Disaster?

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There are some parents who are worried about their children becoming too fixated on their gadgets. Although there are the perks like being able to keep up with the continuously developing technology, easy acquisition of information for homework and projects, and connecting with family members who are far away. Computer usage at a young age can also increase a child’s readiness for academic advancement because pushing the keys and clicking on the mouse can hone the child’s eye-hand coordination.

However, there are disadvantages as well. All digital devices emit this so-called “high-energy visible light” and prolonged exposure to this light increases the chance of the child’s eyesight becoming poor in the later years. There is also the risk of the children developing myopia or nearsightedness. Too much computer usage can also decrease a child’s social skills because even though there are interactive games that can be installed on the computer, these games are mostly between the user and the computer’s monitor. And even though games and other software are mentally stimulating, they don’t promote any physical movement, which is very important for a growing child.

But really, it’s up to the parents on how much time they’ll let their kids spend in front of the computer. It’s important to set boundaries because, truth be told, computers aren’t the only thing a child needs while he or she is growing up. As amazing as these gadgets can be in assisting your child to develop especially when there is internet, it’s still important that the parents supervise them while they’re in techy mode because the consequences of being a computer addict will backfire at the children in time. Because one of the greatest risks a child can experience due to computer addiction is not being able to experience potential enriching moments a child needs to grow and become the person he aims to be.


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