Combat those little head lice with Licealiz + Hairstyling workshop and Mind Museum tour

Summer is really over, some kids are going back to school and now being clingy to their friends because they’ve missed them so much. But little did these kids know that a parasite called pediculosis does not have vacation or whatever.

Thank God for Lamoiyan Corporation’s Licealiz Head Lice Treatment Shampoo pediculosis will never be a problem anymore! I remember when I was in grade school girls woul literally share everything, I mean everything like combs and hair ties that’s why most of the tie we ended up having pediculosis also as we share everything.

Last weekend me and Kweky my youngest joined a kick-start workshop about hairstyling, though I both have boys we intended to attend as I know we will learning something about those pest-y head lice, since even boys can get those parasites. I wish I can somehow try to do the hairstyles I have learned, but nevertheless I enjoyed everything I’ve learned about head lice and how Licealiz will help us fight the “Kuto”!

After all the learnings, Kwek and I learned a lot more since we have a side trip in The Mind Museum, learned a lot about science and its evolution. It was a great bonding moment for us mom and our kids! Kweky surely enjoyed the workshop and the side tour. Thank you so much Lamoiyan Corporation for the weekend treat!

By the way, Licealiz Head Lice Treatment shampoo is a very affordable, non-toxic formula that is clinically-proven to kill lice and nits. Which will help moms like me to maintain our kids lice free. For more information about Licealiz check their Facebook Page /licealiz

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