Cocktail Mixes You Should Try

There’s nothing like enjoying the smooth, yet fragrant intensities of alcohol! Anything from a simple bottle of beer, or even the finest bottle of Jack Daniel’s the Philippines has to offer is welcome on the table; and when it comes to enjoying the pleasures of alcohol, nothing’s more satisfying than a few cocktails here and there.

Cocktail mixes are some of the most enjoyable variations of alcohol there is. There’s something about these drinks that really bring new flavors to a wonderful mix, all of them just waiting to be tried! With that said, here are some of the best cocktail mixes you should definitely try:

Tequila Sunrise

For those of you who wish for more refined tastes, this particular cocktail is definitely for you! Other than a good glass of Jack Daniels, whether the Philippine variant or not, this is actually one of the most iconic drinks to ever exist on any bar menu! Besides, there’s nothing like the feeling of drinking an actual sunrise with every sip (pun intended).

This drink just consists of tequila, orange juice, and just the right dose of grenadine to give it that reddish hue on the bottom half of the drink. Simply mix with a dash of ice and garnish with anything you wish, whether it be an orange slice or a simple tiny umbrella for a little tropical vibe.

Jack and Coke

Now this drink really does need a hearty dose of some Jack Daniel’s to really get the party started. As enjoyable drinking this particular cocktail is, the process of mixing it is much better, and easier as well.

All you’ll need for this drink is to mix some Coca-Cola with a splash of Jack Daniel’s (or any other variant of Jack Daniel’s, depending on your taste), add some ice for good measure and get to drinking! Besides, this is a great way of concealing the fact that while it looks like a simple cola drink, it’s actually one of the most intense drinks there is! (Note: we do not encourage you hide your drink as we are LOUD and PROUD lovers of alcohol!)

Gin Pomelo (Ginpo)

This cocktail is actually one of the most iconic drinks among different inuman sessions around the country. With the abundance of pomelo juice, as well as the vast availability of gin, making this drink for your next drinking session should be a piece of cake for you!

For this drink, all you’ll really need is some gin and powdered pomelo juice, mix them both together, and just enjoy every sip down to the last one! Just make sure to bring some snacks to serve as your pulutan for the session. Truly, a Filipino classic to treasure!

Key Takeaway

A cocktail is anything you make of it, whether it involves mixing a bottle of the Philippines’ finest Jack Daniel’s with other drinks, or mixing a bunch of other drinks to create a new dimension of drinks for you and your friends to enjoy. Either way, these cocktail mixes should definitely be on your ‘to-try’ list.



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