How to Choose the Perfect SEO Company for Your Business

There’s no shortcut to choosing the best SEO company for your business, but the good thing is that there are particular factors that you can do and avoid in hunting for that perfect fit.

Guaranteed, you need not look any further as here are five tips to help you get that SEO partner in no time!


“It all starts with you.” Certainly, it’s essential to iron out your business’ goals before you set forth to an SEO company hunting. Do you want to be on the top spot on Google search results in terms of three particular keywords? Increase traffic to your website by 35% on a daily basis? Or maybe, refine your brand’s reputation through good reviews by pushing down the bad ones?

Moreover, thorough understanding of your business plays a crucial part in addressing your concerns with regards to SEO, which leaves you to establishing a plan on how you’d measure success on these specific goals. Also, estimate on how much you’re willing to risk to achieve your business’ goals: time, resources, and efforts.

Definitely there’s a lot to prepare before setting off to an SEO partnership. So gather your members and begin by defining your goals to begin your hunt and ensure that your business lands on the perfect fit.



Of course, other than defining your business’ goals – it’s also significant to define your ideal SEO company. You wouldn’t want to fall short on choosing your SEO partner, would you?

One way you can define your ideal SEO partner is by listing the minimum criteria that you are looking for in an SEO company. Below are a few examples:

  • Do they have established relationships with their clients?
  • How long have they been providing SEO service?
  • Do they offer free initial SEO consultation?

Granted, with defined business’ goals and SEO partner – it would be so much easier to choose among the many SEO companies in the industry.


One way you’d probably use on hunting your SEO partner is through Google search. Probably, you may have even entered common keywords such as “best seo company” or “top seo company in [region]”, which isn’t wrong. However, the results may vary and at this point, you have to be careful on how you choose the right SEO company as positively, the rankings will be tricky.

The case would most likely look like this: SEO company tops the list, behind the list is a negotiation you are not aware of – they pay the website for God knows how much – and you, as the consumer, will of course reach out to that company because they’re the top SEO company anyway (well, according to the listing).

It’s unfortunate for most SEO consumers – as most of the time they (and you) are not aware of such bad practices, so how would you know? The next tip will definitely help you filter the results!



As a consumer, it may be a bit more difficult for you to choose the right SEO company – but worry not! There are ways you can find a good fit for your business:

  • Check their SEO – most likely, their meta descriptions, keywords, website optimization, and a few more factors that you can easily research on and inspect to make sure you’d be working with the right company. As stated on the third tip, not because they’re on the top spot on Google results doesn’t mean they’re ‘it.’ They may have paid or the website’s domain is old enough to top the spot.
  • Look into their website and search for client testimonials – most likely, good SEO companies would have those testimonials from established clients because of quality service. You can also check on those testimonials if they have already worked on the same type of business as yours. That would be a bonus if you find one.
  • If you’re not contented with the information you have, dig in and ask for case studies and referral listings. Good SEO companies will happily give you those, as they give value to the service of the company. Additionally, you can also ask them a few more questions with regards to their service – do not hesitate, the best SEO companies will gladly address your concerns!

When you’ve finally narrowed down to an SEO match through all the above four tips, then it’s time to know their price.


Of course, once you’ve settled your choice – partially – it’s time to ask on how much they charge. There’s a lot of price structure variations that SEO companies offer, but typical companies may charge by month, or on a particular length of time.  You can expect upfront payment, and then continued payment month by month, or they could also offer a contract where you may need to renew. Most of the time, SEO companies may have a lot of pricing variations – you just need to be careful of ‘fishy’ non-standard price structure, and of course, investigate if it’s okay or not as there are also SEO companies who are simply creative when it comes to charging.

Key Takeaway

Choosing an SEO company for your business may not be the easiest task, but following the above five tips will help you filter the good ones from the bad ones and of course, land on the perfect fit!

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