Ginormous bites and fun awaits our little kids with Chooey 

Chooey Choco

I think my Little Kweky will surely have fun as Universal Robina Corporation (URC) teams up with Dreamworks, Kung Fu Panda. A 3 inspired packs of Chooey, the leading chocolate brand and Kweky’s favourite gooey chocolate bar.

Chooey Choco

This Kung Fu Panda box have 20 packs of choco-coated chewy caramel bars that is much bigger that the usual Chooey’s standard size. (And Kweky now giggles while reading)

Kweky and our little ones can also bring their fave Kung Fu Panda Characters to life because it has a do iy your self paper toys, that they can cut out at the back of the box. There are 4 paper toys to collect, Po, Tigree, Bao and Mei Mei. Our kids will surely enjoy while enjoying their fave Chooey goodness! (Kwek even named his new puppy with Chooey)

Limited Edition Chooey is now available at major supermarkets nationwide. Catch Kung Fu Panda 3 in cinemas and let your favorite Kung Fu Panda characters accompany you on an epic flavorful journey, as you chew the rich, chocolatey goodness of Chooey for only P30 (SRP).

This limited edition of Chooey is available at at all major supermarkets nationwide and Catch Kung Fu Panda 3 in cinemas nationwide! And the best to accompany you in watching is the epic and favourite chocolatey goodness of Chooey for only P30 (SRP)!

This new treat is one of the many fun and exciting offerings of Jack ‘n Jill’s Chooey Wowow World.

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