Why Cherish Highschool Life?

High school is something that really attracts a mixed audience of sorts, most especially when it comes to the memories associated with it. Many would say that their high school years were very kind to them while just as many would say otherwise. Nonetheless, no matter what school you come from, whether it be a local or an international school in Manila, it’s undeniable that high school are 4 years to be cherished by many! These 4 years are the time where each and every student discover who they are bit by bit; the times for each and every student to figure out what they want to pursue in life; and the times where friendships and relationships are forged, steadied, and sometimes, broken.

However, with all that for high school, why should those 4 years exactly be cherished? Well, for further enlightenment on this very personal matter, here are some of the best reasons on why must one cherish their years in high school?


Friendships were Made

Of course, one thing to always remember when it comes to this is the numerous friends you’ve made in those 4 years. Sure, some of them may have come and gone as the years have passed but if you happen to have true friends that have stuck with you through all your personal trials, then you have 4 years of high school to thank of!

Another great thing about this is that the more friends you’ve lost during high school, the more learning experiences you can gain. Though it may sound grim and sad, losing friends is a part of life—and with high school being your main focus at the time, the lessons you learned from those 4 years from losing friends are definitely to be cherished for the years to come.


Relationships were Formed

Since we’re talking about friends, the main focus is that nonetheless, relationships were formed, most especially the romantic kind. This is where the memories of your supposed ‘first loves’ come in the picture.


Young love has been met with a mixture of adoration and disdain, specifically from those of different generations. Regardless, the heart wanted what it wanted and these instances are all the more reasons to cherish your high school years. Not only were those 4 years your first venture into the concept of love, you also got your first taste of the one thing you’d hoped to avoid in your time together: heartbreak.


Self-Discovery was the True Lesson to be Learned from High School

Out of everything you’ve learned, from every curriculum to every life lesson, the truest high school lesson that trumps all is none other than self-discovery. At a young age, we see ourselves with such curiosity, sometimes in a good way, sometimes otherwise—and sometimes, we end up being confused as what these things are, which leads us to question ourselves at times.

Nonetheless, self-discovery was, and will always be the truest lesson to be learned as with it, we get closer to the person we are meant to be—and with all this for high school, the younger the better.


Key Takeaway

Ever school around Manila, whether international or local, encourages students like you to have as much fun as you want to in high school! After all, when you reunite with your classmates 10 or so years from now, you’ll have nothing but good memories to talk about!


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