Céline Spring 2016 Bag Collection

I never got a chance to touch or smell a Céline bag, but I am so much in love with this bag that I usually stalked their website and check out their latest designs. Everyone, including me is so much excited for the Spring 2016 Collection. Maybe you are asking why, because this collection is their strongest collection ever and for a couple of season (although I am not writing their previews collection) they are trying to provide their customers with cute and seasonal handbags.

What I love about Céline Handbags is that, it is so eccentric and can go beyond the box, like the famous trapeze bag (Photo below) this made a very huge impact on our celebrity bag hags here in the Philippines. I also see this bag mostly to the Kardashian Sister and the Jenners.

Céline Trapeze (photo from:  celine.com)
Céline Trapeze  (photo from: celine.com)

Céline’s newest collection will highlight colours and textures, plus, it will also highlight the use of super soft leather, “superset calf”.

Here’s some of their most talked about Spring 2016 collection:

Celine Biker Bucket Bag in Black. This bags cost around P160,000
Celine Bucket Pillow Shoulder Bag in Black. This bag is around P130,000
Celine Canvas Phantom Luggage Tote Stripped. This bag is around P107,000
Celine Cartable Pillow Handbag Grey. This bag is around P147,000
Celine Classic Box Bag. This bag is around P185,000
Celine Large Holdall Shoulder Bag in Black. This Bag is around P155,00
Celine Micro Luggage Tote in White. This bag is around P160,000
Celine Mini Belt Bag in Burgundy. This bag is around P128,000
Celine Seau Sangle Shoulder Bag in Blue. This bag is around P121,000


Oh this bags are really to die for and I am wishing that someday I can get hold of anyone of these babies. Indeed having a lot of luxury bags is much more okay rather than investing in gold. I must say I did survive all the hospital bills because I can pawnshop some of my bags. I think that will be our next topic! 🙂 If you have some comments or reactions just hit the comment box below!




*Photo above are from purseblog.com and celine.com
Cost of the bag is computed based on todays USD to PHP exchange which is P47.67 other taxes are not yet added.

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