Celebrate heart’s month with the new #KwentongJollibee Valentine series

Who doesn’t love to talk about love? Even heartbroken people tend to share their experience with love and how they make a move to prove that love is forever and love does not end with a goodbye. I mean Valentine’s is one of the most celebrated day even single and  heartbroken people.

That is why Jollibee, the country’s leading fast food restaurant showcase some of the countless stories of love stories that Pinoy can relate to. They have launched three new videos that will surely be the babble of town when they finally released it this month. I must say I am very privilege to watch it first hand before it will air this coming days so check out Jollibee’s Facebook Page and Youtube.


The new #KwentongJollibee will surely touch your heart and will make your feel that love is alive in anyone. The first story is called Vow, directed by Ianco dela Cruz and this tells the story of a love that does not require anything in return. He fell in love the moment she saw her at the Jollibee store and end up having a different path in the end. If you want to see the Vow, you can check out Jollibee’s Facebook Page and Youtube on February 9  at 5PM.

The next story is about a never ending love, it is directed by Pepe Diokno. This is a story of a boy who will surprise his mother for Valentine’s Day, but the most heart wrenching moment is that the boy is instructed by his departed father. If you want to catch this video you can visit Jollibee’s Facebook Page and Youtube on February 10 at 5PM.

The last story is about a persistent love, it is directed by Joel Ruiz. I must say this is my favourite among the three videos, not because I relate to it, but because everyone dreams of ending with the ones we truly love. This story is about a boy who is head-over-heels in love with his schoolmate who chooses to leave sweet message to her using the Jollibee Yum burger, though the girl ended with another man, the surprise twist is when they are attending an Alumni Homecoming and the boy who is now a man surprised her wife by giving a Yum burger stating that he is sorry for being late. If you want to catch this video check out Jollibee’s Facebook Page and Youtube on February 11 at 3PM.

What I love about #KwentongJollibee campaign this Valentine’s is that they never fail to unfold true stories of love, whether it is a love for a friend, a parent or a partner. I think this is also a way of saying that love really comes in different forms and it is selfless and endless. If you want to feel the love and share it to your love one check out Jollibee’s Facebook Page and Youtube Channel!

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