What causes hair loss to men + Sports Barbers anti hair loss treatment

At 37 years old my husband has a drastic change in his hair as he gets balder everyday. It started at age 30 and now there is a big gap of hair loss at the back of his head. I think it can also trigger to lessen self confidence to other people because our hair is our crowning glory.

So here are some reasons why men tend to lose more hair than women:


Most family have genes that can cause early thinning of hair and causes early baldness. Like on my husband’s case his grand father, father and brother all have the same problem.

Physical and Emotional Stress

Stress really is a bad radical to our body, this contributes to weaken our immune system and it also causes men to lose their hair. Like on my husband’s case, he’s an engineer and most of the time they tend to rush things to finish on the said deadline.

Diseases like Lupus and Anemia

Anemia is lack of iron in the blood which can contribute to hair loss the best alternative is to take iron supplement. While lupus, which is an autoimmune disease which attacks the hair.

If you want to prevent hair loss there is no better place to have a treatment than Sports Barbers! This not so very conventional barbershop is a cozy and homey barbershop and its for every age group. Their anti-hair loss treatment is prices at P1,300 and they have advised us to do it monthly and I have documented it to check its effectivity.



I love the outcome of the treatment and make over Kuya Francis has given him and we recommend Sports Barbers to, Millenials, Gen-X and Baby boomers because they cater any age group and also they accept kids 10 below!


Check next month on the update about the anti-hair loss treatment.


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