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Gold Themed Wedding Ideas


Planning your wedding day requires a lot of time and effort to organize; from delving into a number of wedding catering packages, to searching for the perfect venue, and other major and minor things to be considered in preparing for the big day. In every wedding, there is always a certain theme which makes the …

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Easy and Budget-friendly Ways to Organize Your Kitchen


Living in your own home is the ultimate dream of many. You can have your full freedom and you are your own boss. However, accompanied by living independently is the daunting task of buying the essential appliances in your house, such as the best LED TV to give you an exceptional entertainment after a long …

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Questions You Should Ask When Hiring a Wedding Planner


Choosing food catering for your wedding might be a daunting task. You need to consider various aspects, such as food taste, experience, and price rate. With all the food catering services in the metro, how will you know if you are choosing the right and best food catering service for your wedding? Apart from choosing …

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The Traveler’s Beauty Guide


The best bb cream reviews in the Philippines guide gals you on how to maintain freshness, especially when traveling.  Knowing some travel beauty tips will make your skin and hair stay in its best shape while you take your vacation. Here’s a quick beauty guide (does not involve make-up) that will let you stay fresh …

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Must-Bring Things when Traveling

The first rule of elitist intercontinental travel is "never own a travel wallet". I know. Unfortunately I saw this one and it had a Swedish flag on it and two Ä's and it was practical. It has slots for both of my passports, a nice area to keep my Swedbank security device, a place to keep a spare credit card and the 4 public transit stored value cards I'll use on this trip as well as 5 of the currencies I'll need and of course some spare SIM cards.

I usually just shove all of this stuff into a pocket of my backpack or jam as much as I can into my wallet and it just doesn't work out that well. This will function much better.

Fjäll Räven Travel Wallet

Courtesy of Travelling is a definite highlight for majority of people because of the unexplainable happiness this short escape brings. Some even consider to take luxury camping in the Philippines or go backpacking in Cambodia. Wherever your journey might be, keep in mind to bring all the essentials you need to make your trip …

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Easy Jobs that Pay Surprisingly Well

Manpower Agencies in the Philippines might sound like they only recruit people for difficult jobs. What they actually do is match people with a specific skill set to employers. And some people might assume that only doctors, lawyers, and CEOs make a boatload of pennies, but you’d be surprised what other kinds of jobs pay …

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5 Apps That Will Motivate You at Work

5 apps that will motivate you at work

Technology has developed a lot of applications or apps that can help you with your daily lives and this include your work, where you may be feeling a little bit dreary and less productive lately. If you want to feel more motivated in your workplace, you may want to download these apps after getting your …

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Physical movement in the elementary school classroom boost effective learning


  Most schools, whether it’s an international school in the Philippines, or a public school, most students are expected to just sit there and listen to a teacher drawl on about whatever lecture is planned for the day. It has been discovered that students learn better when they are engaged in an activity, instead of …

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5 Must-Haves When Your Child Has Asthma


People diagnosed with a clinical or medical analysis to cure their illness or sickness always has their personal medical kits or things with them. Diabetic people have their own medicine for diabetes, those with heart problems bring with them blood pressure monitor, and then there are those who bring their inhalers due to their asthma. …

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DIY: Themed Picture Frames

DIY themed picture frames

There are endless ways out there to create your own picture frames using any material of choice that is convenient for you. One suggestion could be steel plates used here in the Philippines to ensure the material of the frame is strong and sturdy to keep your precious picture. Get more ideas for DIY picture …

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