A Letter to the one who ruined my family from a dying mother


I really don’t know if you are aware of the things you have done to my family and with my marriage, but I must say that I don’t know why would a woman allow a man to enter her life when the man is still committed to someone or how can you allow him to …

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Why I know my Husband loves me despite his infidelity


We’ve been married for more than a decade and we started as friends and friendship blossom into a much deeper relationship. I do not have any sibling, that’s why I felt that I have a big brother when I’m with him, though most of the time it’s the other way around (haha!) Our relationship is …

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How is it to fall in love to a married man?


I haven’t had an affair to anyone, but I was really wondering on how was it really to be a mistress or the other woman. So, I asked my husband and some friends who have the same situation as mine and also people who have tried to be one and I was really amazed on …

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A Wife’s tips to women who are in love with a Married Man

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Love is such a big word and a lovely feeling to everyone, but what if you fell in love with a married man? We cannot choose who we fall in love with, but we should have at least think twice falling in love with a married man, because we may tell ourselves that this will …

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Why does the Mistress keeps on bothering and stalking the Mrs? + Does the Mistress feel threatened


A lot of married women will or are experiencing this once in their lives and it’s really bothering and life threatening to think that a woman can go down that path to stalk and keep on checking on the MRS specially now that we are in the age of Social Media we can stalk the …

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Why forbidden love affects the children than the wife


When a woman or a man decided to enter a relationship which is forbidden, most of the time the children are the one suffering from it. And it is really a grave offense not because you are ruining a child’s life, but you are making them think that entering such a relationship is okay and …

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Things why your man didn’t fight for your love


The title seems to tell the story behind it, but this one is a wife’s perspective to why most husbands stays and fights for their family. I compiled the answers from my readers and followers who have experience this. There are a lot of things why most men choose to end their relationship to their …

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To moving forward and no looking back


I think February will leave a great scar on my heart and also to my kid’s heart because of what we have gone through. I think it was really a very difficult time for my kids specially Kwek as he fights for what’s right for him as a son. I was hurting not because of …

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Why some women chose to stay with a deceitful husband


Being married is the happiest part, but staying married is the hardest part. Most men and also women now are prone to being deceitful. They have a lot of reasons why they cheat, but why some partners tend to stay after they were cheated on? I believe in this quote that I read from Facebook …

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Two Faced Lover


Why do you need to cheat on me? Why do you need to lie? Am I not good enough for you? Am I still your love? Why do you need to have her and tell me that you love me? Why am I feeling the same way when you’re not the same man I used …

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