How to prevent dengue this rainy season

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The rainy season is definitely a refreshing respite after the blistering summer. However, it also comes with several illnesses and diseases and the most dreaded of all is dengue. Dengue […]

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A revolutionary heritage of health and wellness inside the Kitchen


Majority of Filipinos lead busy lifestyles that do not leave much time to make healthy food choices nowadays. However, recent data actually show that many individuals are inclined towards making […]

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Robinsons Supermarket celebrated the fourth leg of their Route to Wellness campaign


Robinsons Supermarket will always surprise Filipinos on how they promote a healthy and active lifestyle as they launch their 4th leg of their route to wellness campaign dubbed as Celebrate […]

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Eating the right way to a healthy looking skin


If you feel that your skin is dull and dry then it says something about the state of what we are eating, because the state of our skin reflects on […]

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When fighting germs becomes fun with Hygienix


Join #Hygienix in its #FightWorldGermination Campaign. Oh no! The #Germperor has sent the most vicious #Germdugo to terrorize humans by spreading germs, unpleasant odors and sickness. But fear not! The […]

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Keep our kids healthy and ready for the rainy days with Nutrawell and Actimed Ascorbic Acid


Kids are back to school and as parents we always wanted them to keep our kids healthy and ready for the rainy days as they can get sick easily if […]

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Enjoy being fit and healthy at the 10th fit and fun wellness buddy run


I’ve been a running enthusiast and this will be the first time for me to run to, but I haven’t since I have not proper training and I stopped running […]

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Robinsons Supermarket celebrates National Wellness Month this July


July is National Wellness month and to celebrate it, Robinsons Supermarket do a month-long celebration called the Wellness Festival. This is now the third leg of the year-long Route to […]

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[Update: June 20] I challenge the Sports Barbers to help me grow my hair back


At 37 my hair has a drastic change and I get balder and balder everyday. It started at when I was 30 and now there is a big gap of […]

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Want to Travel + learn the art of achieving inner peace? Join the Wellness Camp Retreat this October


Sick and tired of you busy schedule and wanted to escape for how many days? Why not try the Wellness Camp Retreat this coming October and learn the art of […]

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Achieve beautiful skin and a healthy body with Misso Seed-to-Oil Extractor!


I’ve been an avid fan of essentials oil ever since I was called ate (big sister) by someone who looks so old of her age, but to be honest I […]

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