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Have a healthy lifestyle with Robinsons Supermarket’s Explore Wellness campaign


After being diagnose of Bone Cancer, I started to have a healthy and active lifestyle. I do pilates, running, T5 and yoga and I also eat healthy food though occasionally I eat fast food, but I always wanted to achieve a healthy and active lifestyle to prolong my life. Thankful that I have a partner …

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Inquisitive Mommy: Blue Cross UTI Test Kit


The Brand Philippine Blue Cross Biotech Corporation started marketing diagnostics Products, they are also the first and the one Pharma Company to offer a UTI Test kit. They have dominated the industry and they have wide varieties of  products that are distributed nationwide. They started in 1997 and the man behind the success is Mr. …

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Our eyeglasses are not created equal

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Whenever my family visits an eye doctor, we always spend time looking for a perfect frame, but we always forgot to choose the right lens for our lifestyle. “Wearing just any kind of glasses is not enough. It is important to choose the right lens to get the best protection,” explains Emelita Roleda, general manager …

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What you need to know about UTI and how you will prevent it


UTI or Urinary Tract Infection is a urine that contains salts and waste products that is filtered by our urine. Most of the time we didn’t know that we have, but we can prevent this with the following informations below: What are the symptoms of UTI? Most of the time symptoms of UTI is pain …

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Guide to a Pest-free Home

guide pest-free home

The New Year has officially started. For sure, many people have already constructed the resolutions they want to accomplish this 2017. Although admittedly, there will be a number of individuals who will have no idea what things they want to achieve this year. If you are one of these people you need not worry, because …

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8 Steps on how to age Gracefully

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  I can’t imagine myself right know if I will age gracefully, but most of the women I know in their 50’s does age beautifully inside and out. I think ageing gracefully requires a healthy and positive lifestyle. 1. Stay positive Staying positive is one tip that most people take for granted. Negative vibes can …

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Maintaining my diet this Holiday season with Delicious Diet Meal


Six days to go before Christmas and I am so overwhelmed with Christmas parties everywhere and eating unhealthy food. I felt so guilty every time I eat unhealthy, but I alway keep in mind to eat in moderation and slowly, but sometimes you cannot control it. I am always thankful with my food partner Delicious …

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Update on my weight loss journey + My Delicious Diet Meal for the week


It has been three months since I weigh 79+ kilograms and it’s really scary that from less than 50 kilos I gain a lot of weight in the past year and just this year I almost weigh 80 kilos. After, I was given a go signal from my doctors that I can do yoga or …

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Health Benefits of drinking Tea + Delicious Diet Meal for the week


Delicious Diet has been my partner for the past 2 or 3 months already and I’ve never been happy and most of the time my snack includes either tea or coffee and I always love the tea than the coffee. Though I use to take a shot of coffee before going to Pilates to burn …

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Types of people that needs high Protein Diet + Delicious Diet Meal for the week


I always read this kind of article online were they use Protein for weight loss or for dieting. But, I am always puzzled why they need more protein in their body but they are on a strict diet. Before I start good source of proteins are: eggs, fish, poultry, nuts, beans and many more. People …

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