Diana Stalder gives back to their loyal customers + their latest promo this Christmas Season

Diana Stalder gives back to their loyal customer by treating them over PM snack and serving them with heartful and healthy food from DS Cafe. This is their way of […]

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Why I’m hooked with essential oil + MIA MAISON released their newest line Essentially Mia

As a mom I have a hard time relaxing and even sleeping at night most of the time I need to take meds for me to sleep, but I don’t […]

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Gym Essentials

There definitely is nothing like working out in one of the best gyms in the Philippines! Not only do you get to keep fit, or lose weight, or even build […]

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Which yoga suits you and your lifestyle?

While most people have heard of yoga, few know that there are actually several types of this ancient Asian discipline. There are Basic Yoga, Hatha, Vinyasa and Ashtanga, among others. And […]

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Personalized fitness program from the Saret’s? Yes, Please!

Kim and Khloe Kardashian. JLo. Kate Upton. Heidi Klum. Do you really think these celebrities achieved their curves, all on their own? Truth is, they all have fitness trainors who […]

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Inquisitive Mommy: EC-Vit, 2-in-1 Vitamin E and C and a lot more

Have you been taking two vitamins when you needed a Vitamin E and C boost? And after that you’ll also need to take other supplements which can affect our liver […]

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How to age gracefully when you’re 40?

Turning 40 can make women start feeling old. To beat the creeping signs of aging such as wrinkles and graying hair, they invest in anti-aging cosmetics and aesthetic products to […]

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Robinsons Supermarket last hurrah of their Route to Wellness campaign

It was indeed fast, I can still remember the opening of the route to wellness campaign this year and now it is comes to the last campaign tagged as the […]

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BlueWater Day Spa’s newest ambassadors + latest lineup of services for you

Living in the Metro is super stressful and can give your skin the chance to age drastically, we juggle everything and most of the time we forgot to take care […]

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Early Symptoms Of Diabetes

The early symptoms of diabetes can often go unnoticed. It’s typical, and may pretty much seem normal when compared to your daily habits. Hence, patients take medicines for diabetes when […]

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Let’s Celebrate with Nailaholics Nail Salon and Spa on their 2nd year of National Pampering day!

It’s not easy to hold a pampering day on a national scale, but Nailaholics Nail Salon and Spa made it very possible! After the introduction last year of the National […]

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