A feast for all Season at Feast International Buffet

It is not every day that most people would come in to a buffet restaurant and have their lunch from work and try to stuff themselves within that very brief […]

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How to Get the Best Wedding Caterer in Town

If there’s one thing that’s extremely critical in planning a wedding, that would be hiring the best wedding food catering in town. Well, it should be – as food and […]

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Coffee Mixes for Your Overnight Series Binge

  Are you a fan of Netflix and other online video streaming websites? If you answer yes, then most probably you are also a fan of binge watching – regardless […]

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Cocktail Mixes You Should Try

There’s nothing like enjoying the smooth, yet fragrant intensities of alcohol! Anything from a simple bottle of beer, or even the finest bottle of Jack Daniel’s the Philippines has to […]

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Uncover the Art of Delicious cake with Red Ribbon Cake Creations

I remember back in culinary school I hate baking because it requires passion and precision in every bake you do. It takes dedication to learn the right technique, blend of […]

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Top must try at Manila Life Cafe by Manila Marriott Hotel

It’s my first time to taste the food of Manila Life Café by Manila Marriott Hotel and I must say I have my faves already! The theme is Modern Filipino […]

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Through the years the classic Fruitcake from Ju.D’s is still the best!

A two-pound loaf at P50 and the population was approximately 35 million and the average salary was P100 per a day. Through the years Ju.D’s business has endured a lot […]

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It’s no argument for many alcohol lovers that Jack Daniel’s, especially in the Philippines, is regarded as one of the best brands of whisky there is, as well as the […]

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Taste authentic Japanese Cuisine at Spice Café, City Garden Grand Hotel

Spice Café is offering a new and exciting dish to tickle our taste buds as they bring authentic Japanese cuisines. It’s now available to give you not just a new […]

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Top 5 must try food at Beeffalo by Hotrocks

A homey place and a homey feel, who doesn’t want that? My husband and I have been so much adventurous when it comes to eating and suddenly we just stop […]

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Top-your-own Classic Cheesy Jolly Hotdog!

Now we have the liberty to add more goodness and taste to our Classic Jolly Hotdog and topped it up with extra Cheese, Jalapeño and Bacon! It started last October […]

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