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This is where you can read my rants and happiness about being a mom. Articles about my kids and how I am raising them, plus articles about relationships and anything under the sun.

Endo: Why Mommies Prefer Work-From-Home Instead of Corporate Work


In the Philippines, end of contract or endo has become one of the most controversial subjects that the Duterte Administration is combatting. Staying true to his words, President Rodrigo “Digong” Duterte has mandated his iron-fist against this 5-5-5 scheme. How the end of contract affected Filipino workers The end of contract system is very rampant in …

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Dangerous signs of Miscarriage


A healthy pregnancy is what all pregnant women want. Sadly though, there are some pregnant women who experience difficulty while they’re pregnant. Some of them are even advised to go on bed rest to avoid unwanted miscarriages. When a woman is pregnant, here are the dangerous signs that she should be watchful of. Bleeding – Bleeding …

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Jollibee’s newest party theme for our little boys!


Jollibee has a new party for our little boys, because they are offering JolliRace. Our little boys will surely love the racetrack and Grand Prix experience. But don’t worry if you are a little girl attending the party because our best friend, Jollibee have new games, with a lot of balloons and the prizes are …

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New Nickelodeon’s Rusty Rivets to premier in Asia this March!


Adventure is the big name in Nickelodeon’s newest animated preschool series, Rusty Rivets, premiering on Nickelodeon on Monday, 6 March at 8.45am (HK/SG), 9.50am (TH/WIB) and 10.50am (MY), and Monday, 27 March at 11am (PH). It will also premiere on Nick Jr. on Monday, 13 March at 2.45pm (TH/WIB) and 3.45pm (HK/MY/PH/SG). Created and produced by Spin …

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Please don’t take a way my daughter’s home


My son, actually daughter is so happy to be part of his new school, APEC School Sampaloc Branch and after how many months he gain friends for keeps. I was also so happy to know the school who supports my daughter’s transitioning stage from being a little young boy to a beautiful teenager though he’s …

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Teaching our kids English Language is easy peezy with!


I remember before my kids used to watch Barney and Friends or Ben10 and other cartoons and they would usually repeat what Ben10 or Barney would say and in just a few months they are now english speaking with an accent. But, this was way before, my kids are 14 and 10 now and most …

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Big in Savings + Big Brands + A different Shopping Experience = Landers Superstore


I think most moms love grocery shopping, because it gives you the liberty to choose something good for the family that you know they will love and this is also a mom’s outlet when we are super stressed with our everyday endeavors. Specially now that Christmas is just 24 days to go and most of …

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Mornings are never the same without Koko Krunch + Our first Mommy Mundo Journey Box


My kids loves Koko Krunch and other cereals like, Milo and Honey Stars. It is also a very convenient way of eating breakfast because we just need fresh milk and the cereal and that’s it. Though the big box last a week or two, since they love it so much that they end up eating …

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LPG? Solane, Dapat Lang! + promoting Filipino Values


Who doesn’t know Solane? They are every mommies best friend specially when it comes to cooking. And since they are every mommies best friend, Solane launched their advocacy campaign that aims to remind customers of the importances of family and positive Filipino values. The campaign will be nationwide campaign which you will hear and read …

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No time for Dirty Jobs? is the answer!

As a mom have you ever felt very tried of doing household chores when your kids and hubby are out doing their thing? I personally felt this and sometimes all you just wanted is to give up and just employ a full time nanny or “kasambahay” to help you with all the things you need …

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