How to spot the NOT

Way of helping bag hags like me to spot if they bought the real deal.



This spacious handheld bag, featuring a detachable strap for shoulder carry, is presented here with a neo-Sakura motif. Le Pliage Néo reinvents the Le Pliage line in an urban, unmistakably contemporary style. New high-tech details give the collection a modern feel. Spacious and lightweight, the Le Pliage Néo bags make the perfect companion for the modern …

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[Updated] How to Spot: Longchamp Le Pliage NEO

Longchamp Neo

What does the bag tag code means? Here are the details: The first 4 digits means Longchamp Le Pliage Style Codes Le Pliage Small Long Handles 2605089 Le Pliage Large Long Handles (EU version) 1899089 Le Pliage Large Long Handles (pre-2012 discontinued US Version) 2724089 Le Pliage Short Handles Large Travel Bag 1624089 Le Pliage …

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How to SPOT: Longchamp Le Pliage Illusion Tote

Longchamp Le Pliage Illusion Tote

Longchamp Le Pliage Illusion tote in Coral is from Longchamp’s Spring-Summer 2016 collection. Longchamp has revived their famous Le Pliage line with this new illusion tote collection. This bag features a dazzling textured design with a very soft and sophisticated triangular shape weaved that has a 3D effect. It is also blended with white and …

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How to SPOT: Balenciaga Bag


I was asked about how to spot a fake Balenciaga bag. Since I don’t have that bag personally I am encouraging everyone to help me out here :). So for now I will impart what I have read and hopefully someone will lend me an Authentic Balenciaga bag to be inspected. – Balenciaga is very …

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How to SPOT: Marc by Marc Jacobs

watermark tbi(4)

 Check on the tag. The back of the tag should have the details of the color of the bag and the style information. But always remember counterfeiters can do tags also. Tags are attached to a black string, but this is no guarantee that the bag is authentic. For some Marc Jacobs bag they have …

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How to SPOT: Furla Candy Bag


If you wish to purchase a Furla candy bag be sure to know where you could find a boutique in the area. This will help you to compare your newly purchased Furla bag. List of Furla boutiques in the Philippines. Makati Mandaluyong Paranaque and Pasay In spotting the not here are the ways you need …

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How to SPOT: Lacoste L.12.12

I received a message from someone (I prefer not to post her name) asking me to check her Lacoste L.12.12 . She gave me pictures of the bag that she has so I started looking at it, Since I don’t sell Lacoste items I read the articles on the internet and ask some of my …

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An MK Experience

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Michael Kors or MK has known to be a world class brand all over the world and also one of the most counterfeited brand. I just saw this post on Facebook about she was scammed so I take a look at it. Please see photo below what I have found.Since I am an online seller …

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How to SPOT: The North Face


Always check for the tag inside the bag it should be the holographic tag or the, The North Face Red tag. (Please see below pics) For bags like Big shots and small shots the back portion should be foamy or you could check and squeeze it if it has foams. Check the zippers, it should …

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How to SPOT: Burberry

Burberry Nova Check Tote Bag Mostly Burberry tote bags are made in PVC also known as Vinyl Coated Canvass. It’s a leather like texture and stain free. Another area that you should take in consideration is the pattern of the bag it should be perfectly horizontal and vertical lines or stripes. The line should be …

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