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Loisa Andalio the newest face of Ever Bilena


There are a lot of beautiful faces in the showbiz industry, but makes one stand out among the crowd? I think it’s their persistent and dedication to their talent that can make them stand out among the crowd and that what makes Loisa Andalio the newest face of Ever Bilena. This girl has 574,000 followers …

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Be a better version of yourself with Diana Stalder Skincare Center and DS Cafe


Want to have a better version of yourself? I mean, be beautiful inside and out, plus got the chance to be a healthier you. Because Diana Stalder is offering both, beautifying you on the outside and making you healthy and beautiful on the inside. Diana Stalder Skincare Center has more than 20 years of facial …

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Look spectacular with Ever Bilena and Careline products

3. EB Naturals Hand Creams and Evera Compact Powdzer

New Year means doing new for yourself and what better way to kick start the year is let your eyes shine bright, your lips more kissable and skin much softer and smoother with Ever Bilena, the country’s leading cosmetic brand, introduces a new make up and skincare line to help you look the best this …

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Natural and Greener beauty routine with PILI


Who does not love a dewy skin like Alicia Keys’? But most of the time when we do a beauty routine we end up causing more harm to the planet than good. From islands of floating napkins and wipes in our oceans, marine life choking on cosmetic waste, to the slow yet sure effects of chemicals …

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Want to experience an Organic Nail Polish and Nail cleaning? Head on now at French Tips Eco Chic Nail Salon!


Our world is drastically changing and most of the time food and other items are made really fast and most that specially food that are made so fast are not healthy for us. That is why organic produce are really in-demand these days and I must admit that most of the time my family and …

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Reasons why Prosource VCO is good for us and our dogs


After colouring a lot of times and also bleaching my hair, it became dry and lumpy. I had tried different hair products to make it more bouncy and have full of life but the ending is still there is no effect on my dry hair. I remember when we used to go to our “coprahan” …

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Arci Munoz and Mac Belo as the new face of Ever Bilena and Black Water


Ever Bilena, the country’s leading cosmetics brand, is opening the year on a fresh note as it welcomes a new breed of young endorsers to represent the brand and its sister lines, Careline and Blackwater. Widening its reach to the millennial Filipina market, the cosmetics brand named former Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) housemate Loisa Andalio …

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The Traveler’s Beauty Guide


The best bb cream reviews in the Philippines guide gals you on how to maintain freshness, especially when traveling.  Knowing some travel beauty tips will make your skin and hair stay in its best shape while you take your vacation. Here’s a quick beauty guide (does not involve make-up) that will let you stay fresh …

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Big Beauty challenge with Ever Bilena!


Calling beauty and make up enthusiast! Ever Bilena dares you to experiment with different look with the BIG Beauty Challenge by Ever Bilena! This is a weekely make up tutorial video contest following different themes. Open to video bloggers, aspiring and professional make-up artists residing in the Philippines, the contest requires participants to create a …

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Get a little poetic at Hey Sugar SM Cebu


We live in the tropics, which means the sun is out and about almost the whole year. That is why it is so hard to maintain a fair color and it is really exhausting. When you have the option to slip into your shorts and head to the beach or pool any time of the …

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