Do you have Oily Skin? You still need some hydration


Did you know that your skin can be moisturized but not properly hydrated? Hydration and moisturization are actually two different things. When you hydrate your skin, you ensure that your […]

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Thiocell bagged the Watson’s HWB Award


Thiocell has made its name in the Philippine market last year and maintained what they are until today. I remember I blogged about Thiocell last year and a friend has […]

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Unique and Adorable DIY Projects for Girls


DIY projects are prominent over the web – and that’s (mainly) because of girls wanting to spend their leisure time on crafts to design their room and sell them as […]

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Beauty starts with a good skin care routine with Ever Bilena


Now, anyone can achieve the skin they desire by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and following a good skin regimen with the help of the new Ever Bilena Advance White Purity […]

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Achieve beautiful skin and a healthy body with Misso Seed-to-Oil Extractor!


I’ve been an avid fan of essentials oil ever since I was called ate (big sister) by someone who looks so old of her age, but to be honest I […]

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Hey Sugar’s newest home in Ayala Marquee Mall


We live in the tropics, which means the sun is out and about almost the whole year. That is why it is so hard to maintain a fair color and […]

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Check out Ever Bilena’s new Nude Lipsticks!


Nude lipsticks have recently been sharing the spotlight with the classic red shade because of their ability to suit women of varying complexions. A perfect go-to color all year round, […]

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Celebrate Easter at your favorite Nailaholics branch!


Who does not love Easter? I love easter not because of the egg hunting, but the color hues it gives because most of the egg color is light hues. To […]

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Celebrate SveltT’i’s thanksgiving with self-care


Celebrate SveltT’i’s thanksgiving this April with a weeklong self-care pampering treat designed to jump-start a person’s journey towards long-lasting wellness that also brings out their best and lovelier self. The […]

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Loisa Andalio the newest face of Ever Bilena


There are a lot of beautiful faces in the showbiz industry, but makes one stand out among the crowd? I think it’s their persistent and dedication to their talent that […]

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Be a better version of yourself with Diana Stalder Skincare Center and DS Cafe


Want to have a better version of yourself? I mean, be beautiful inside and out, plus got the chance to be a healthier you. Because Diana Stalder is offering both, […]

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